Your Submission Agreement is Too restrictive for me to POST/Share PHOTOS

by Bill "Lost Adams"
(Dallesport, WA USA)

Submission Guidelines and Agreement for

I agree to grant to an

exclusive, >>> means I can't use MY Art in/on any other venue!

royalty-free, >>>" I can't get paid If you SELL MY work to someone else!

irrevocable, >>> I can't recover my RIGHTS to my work period!

transferable, >>> Means You Can SELL My Art Work to someone else!

perpetual license >>> Forever & Ever and Ever Into Perpetuity!

to publicly display my submission on

The below part is the Exact Opposite of what is stated above!

Submission of photo(s) or other image(s) is on a non-exclusive basis.

Could You Please either explain or change the above parts to the agreement so I can feel comfortable in Posting my Photos to your Forum.

Also you 1 meg Limit on photos is not being adhered to by you software. I have tried to submit a photo of 999kb and it was rejected. So your limit isn't being observed by your software. Could the Size in Pixels ie. width and height be rejecting the images?
What is the Recommended Size you can Take on the website???

Bill "Lost Adams"

Stan's response: Thanks for sharing your concerns Bill. My web host is the well-known, SiteSell, based out of Canada. I believe that they created that agreement to keep themselves out of any legal trouble if photos are unlawfully taken by unknown parties from their clients' websites.

Personally, I have operated one or more websites continuously for about 18 years now. I have never even used one of my subscriber's images for anything other than the intended purpose of posting for other subscribers to see.

As far as I am concerned, you maintain the right to do whatever else you want with your photos or images. I will not do anything further with them other than to post them for our group.

If you choose not to publish anything on my site, I totally understand your concerns. Or, if you care to write up a special agreement for me to sign, I would be more than happy to sign it.

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Site Photo Agreement Concerns
by: Lost Adams

Stan, I just had to ASK, as I had a Video Production Company for 4 years and I understand ALL the Legal problems and pitfalls of using other peoples' work.

I don't need anything from you in writing, as I know from past experience that Your Word is good as the Gold and Adventure we both are pursuing.

I have ALL the original artwork from my Adventures over the past 10+ years. I have other pictures that I haven't scanned yet, but will be doing in the future as the need arises.

I am writing 3 books on researching Lost Mines and Treasures, Prospecting Geology for Beginners, and Pocket Hunting the Geology and Field Methods used.

The artwork I have been accumulating over the last 10 years is in 14-20 mpxl and the Video is in 1080p HD.

Will continue to post with pics soon, as the pics add so much to the text, that can't be explained in words.

Sincerely, Bill "Lost Adams"

Stan's response: Thanks Bill. I am pleased that you feel comfortable in sharing your photos with our community now. Your photos will add so much value to your posts.

If you are ever interested in marketing any of your future publications through affiliates, let's discuss that as it might interest a number of our club members as a way to make some online cash.

Thanks again Bill for your participation here.

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