X Marks the Spot

by David Ben Yisrael

Next Great Adventure, Abba willing.

Next Great Adventure, Abba willing.

Stan, Thanks for the excellent info on the USGA maps. My guides here in Honduras are surprised at how much I know about an area when they take us to it. USGA mapping system, my little secret.

This last trip we explored Mayan Mounds, a bat cave, a Honduran Hillbilly Hoedown and still had time to find a little color.

Thanks for posting the info for subscribers. As you point out, good research is the beginning of a Great Adventure.

Rachel and I hope to push a little further up into the mountains this next trip. No need to wish us luck because luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Be prepared, be safe, but most of all...have FUN!

Shalom, David & Rachel Yisrael

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