Which of these is most interesting to you?...

by Stan

coin & jewelry shooting,
nugget shooting,
detecting beaches,
gold panning & prospecting,
gold dredging,
commercial gold mining,
ancient mysteries,
underwater searches,
or looking for lost cities?

You can answer with several different choices if you like. Thanks for your help with this!

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Adventure Interests
by: Jim

Hello Everyone! The list looks great; I like all the topics.

As for which I would like to hear about first, that would be beach detecting. I live near beaches in Northern California and can take action immediately on this interest.

I would like to know tips on beach hunting. Simple things. They are public beaches and I want to keep a low profile and any elaborate actions would just draw attention and nosy gov't types looking make a new law or post a restriction.

I also have an AT Pro by Garrett. I have not used it more than twice and those times were more frustrating as the machine is complicated and I have not found any good straight forward how to metal detecting information.

The Garrett videos on YouTube don't help. Other videos or written info just goes on or uses slang and drags on.

I really need the basics to get going.

Wet sand is a problem; makes the machine go crazy. How can I adjust for that?

If there was an info video here demonstrating the basics to get people up and going that would be very helpful!!!

Thanks, Jim

Stan's response: Thanks for your comments Jim. Beach detecting will certainly be one of our areas of focus this year.

I especially will want to get into the topic of coastal geomorpholgy which studies the movements of the sands in different weather conditions and tides. This knowledge helped me to make a killing when I went to live for a year in Miami in the year 2000.

Meanwhile, if anyone in our community has experience with the Garrett AT Pro, it would be nice for Jim to know where to find some good basic operating tips and info.

Thanks everyone...

Lost Cities, Ecuador, Metal Detecting
by: Jared

I have spent 6 years searching 4 provinces in Ecuador and have found at least 3 Lost Cites with metal casting and plating technology. I also found 1 ancient, Lost Mine In Ecuador.

I owe it all to metal detecting and over 12 year practicing in lost towns in the USA.

I am very excited to hear what others are finding and can't wait to see this form blow up!!!

Stan's response: Thanks for sharing Jared. It is great to hear from you.

For those of you who may be interested, I am very familiar with Jared's discoveries here in Ecuador. The areas he searches are very well researched. He is also working in virgin territory where no detectors have gone before.

Jared is one of the most impressive treasure hunters I have ever met!

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