Which Metal Detector?

by Jim

Hi Everyone,

Well, I am in Northern California and I want to try my hand at metal detecting.

I would like to get a Minelab X-Terra 705 but the price is a bit high for me at the moment. It will be my first detector and the learning curve time wont justify getting a machine like that for starters if I want to find gold nuggets as soon as I can.

I also am lucky as far as location. I am 30 minutes from beaches and 2 to 3 hours from gold country.

So, what is an affordable detector ($400 to $500) for both beach and nugget hunting???? What brands and models????

Panning is frustrating without a detector to narrow the area and effort.

I would like it coil submersible so as to dip into the water.

Would love to hear any ideas.

OH!, I recently found out that when a machine has several frequencies you still need to buy a coil for each of those frequencies in order to detect at that level. Previously I thought a coil could handle any freq. the machine produced.


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Jan 04, 2011
Metal Dectors
by: clancy

I have a Minelab 4500 and love it. You might also try Belda's Metal Detector Store in Bend, Oregon. Mark is a great guy and is very honest. He has a few used machines at times.

Dec 27, 2010
Metal Detector
by: Dave

Jim, I was in N California in 2008 with a Minelab 4000 and a Fisher Gold Bug 2. Both worked when I did. I would recommend contacting Gerry's Metal Detectors in Boise, ID online and check out a used machine. Gerry is honest and been in the business all his life. Check him out before you buy, I think you will be glad you did. I was.

Dec 26, 2010
Jim's Question on Metal Dectors
by: Wayne Giles

I highly recommend Whites MXT with a 4x6 coil. The detector is easy to operate and the coils can be submerged. Price is a little higher than what you are looking for. It is around $787.00, but worth it. That is from Kellyco. I have one and love it.

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