Which is Better - Columbia or Ecuador?

by Robert Brown

Dear Stan, A year ago I got Gold Secrets of Ecuador Revealed. Does the new e-book How & Where to find Gold in Ecuador have new or updated info over the first one I have? I ordered it and noticed that the photos are an improvement.

A year ago I mentioned that I was hoping to visit Ecuador but am still in western Panama at the present time. An important question to ask you is about Columbia. I have a good friend who wants me to live for a while in Columbia a few hours drive south of Bogota. With your knowledge about Columbia - is gold just as plentiful in many of the rivers there as Ecuador?

My friend has heard negative things about exploring the rivers or jungle areas in Ecuador because of guerrillas or other bad people. Her father used to be a high officer in the Columbian airforce and has told her negative things like these. He also says Columbia has more gold in their rivers than Ecuador.

What are the safety issues of Ecuador in comparison to how Columbia is now - which is suppose to be much safer than it was years ago? Have you personally had problems with people or seen guerrillas over the years while exploring many of the rivers closer to the cities in Ecuador? My friend has been warning me about the dangers she has been told by her father. It does not seem to me that Ecuador has many dangerous people out there to cause problems for us as we explore rivers and wilderness areas. Let me know the real story in brief.

Before having the conversation with my friend about Columbia I was interested in the area around Cuenca to live and prospect the rivers and to process blank sand as a business. I have your other e-book too about 8 Ways to Find a Quarter Ounce Gold per Day... and I ordered the 2 books you recommended like Recovery & Refining of Precious metals.

Lastly, you just mentioned about the Professional Gold Consulting Service before I ordered the new e-book about Ecuador. I am interested in using your service and receiving help because I am serious about these things.

Would appreciate a few important things you could say even though you stay busy. Best Regards, Robert Brown

Stan's response: Hi Robert,

The new Ecuador Gold e-book is very similar to the old one, but slightly upgraded. I will continue to upgrade and update all of my materials on a regular basis now.

I have been roaming Ecuador for 25 years including the northern jungles near Columbia. It never ceases to amaze me how false rumors spread and everyone talks as if they really know what they are talking about when they don't really know anything. Many of my travels have been alone and unarmed. I have never been assaulted, robbed or held up by anybody in South America.

But you know what? I say let those rumors spread. It just keeps the competition low. It keeps people away who are really missing out on some great opportunities.

The rivers in Ecuador are just as rich as the rivers in Columbia. The geology is extremely similar. For someone to say that the rivers in one country are richer than the rivers in another country is purely ridiculous. You should see the gold in the North Fork of the Yuba River in California. It is just as good as we have in Ecuador and Columbia. You just need to pick a place and then zero in on it as I have done in Ecuador.

I would be pleased to consult with you if and when you decide to come to Ecuador. Yes, Cuenca is amazing. There is currently a stampede of foreigners who want to live there. Real estate prices are already beginning to rise.

Please keep in touch, Stan

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