What Was Your First Taste of Gold?

by GetsOutThere

Just thought I'd ask what it was that drew you all to gold and treasure in the first place. Inspired by Indiana Jones's enticing combination of scholarly respect for treasure and the excitement that went with it? Did you find gold on your property? Did a woman you love have a fascination for expensive decorations?

I can tell you I had an experience when I was in my teens that led me here. I was working for a gold mining company in their aviation department. I always have loved flying, and I would wipe down the oil stains and windscreens on the company's Learjet and Boeing 727. They'd come in for crew changes and cargo (the big plane was a combi) and then...they would carry out the gold.

It was nothing like you see in the movies, yet the movies still got it right. The gold had already been melted into bars, and the bars were in what looked like ammo boxes. They'd unload a small pallet of them, I don't think I remember seeing more than 20 boxes at a time. The guys opened one for me to have have look once, and there in front of me was an unbelievable fortune.

It didn't immediately transform me into a treasure hunter, and I'm still really not. More of an armchair adventurer, for now. I have a first edition of The Treasure Hunter, some correspondence with the author, found Stan's newsletter years ago and wondered what had happened to it. Now I know, and I'm having fun already!

Maybe we'll meet on some windswept plain on a dig someday.

Stan's response: Awesome story! I loved reading it. Thanks for getting my pulse rate up.

I remember seeing gold in my pan for the first time near Placerville, CA. It seems like such a short time ago. It has actually been 43 years. I have never been the same since. I'll tell you all about it sometime soon.

For now, we want to hear YOUR stories. Bring 'em on...!

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Oh, Gold
by: Doug Richmond

I still have my prospecting license from what was then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

I still have a 5 stamp mill that ran to the tune of "one penny weight no bloody good". I have a James table where the fine cut was as thick as your thumb.

I have the amalgam barrel and the sponge gold! The main shaft took two people at a time facing each other standing in a metal bucket holding on to the cable and dropping vertically at literally hair raising speed.

I remember the smell of cordite, dynagel headaches, the yellow glow of smelted gold and wild animals' eyes in the darkness, just beyond the light of the fire,

Hey man, I tell you I would do it all again in a heart beat, you betcha.

My First Taste of Gold
by: Jeffrey Elliott

It was when I saw the episode of Oprah Winfrey show that had the Buzzard, Tom Massie and his 2 sons which I've had the privilege of meeting once or twice thru the years! That was back in late 1997 or 1998! Then I joined the GPAA and LDMA clubs! And I've been fascinated with the search for gold prospecting and now treasure hunting ever since!

Stan's comment: Wow, I have almost an exact ditto of what Jeffrey just said...

My First Taste of Gold
by: Jack

I have been interested in treasure hunting since I was a boy. I talked so much about it, that I received my first metal detector in 1965 at the age of ten. I found a ton of junk with that old BFO detector, and had many hours of fun. I am still captivated by stories of lost treasure.

I worked a summer in Yosemite National Park, in the 1970's, after I had been discharged from the U.S. Navy. On my days off, I explored the southern end of the California Motherload. One day I came across an old man running a small dredge on a small river.

I struck up a conversation with him, and he asked me if I would like to exchange my labor for an education, and maybe a little gold. I jumped at the chance, and spent many hours on the nozzle. I learned everything from set up to clean up. I owe that old man a lot.

I will never forget that first clean up, and I still have a little of the gold that I received as my share. That was the beginning of my love of prospecting and mining.

Stan's response: This is such a cool story!

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