What are you Holding?

I, myself, am an American, born in Lima Peru, now living in California; San Diego to be exact. I have two daughters and a wife. But, adventure in my life is non-existent and that's what brings interest in your site for me.

You see, I also was a person that thrived, and still do, on high adventure. Being in the gold business in Peru, Dad had a gold mine in Madre De Dios in the jungle area and we had others in Costa Rica as well.

The adventure also was when I was a young lad setting chokers for a logging operation in the Costa Rican jungle, as well as surviving the Bering Sea in Alaska as a fisherman. I worked on tug boats on the coast of California. I really miss adventure.

I'm glad you're selling books. I hear that's a good business to be in and can make a lot of money.

I'm interested in using a gold detector to find relics and gold... but here locally? You can only hit the beaches... everything else is closed off or against the law to dig. Sad.

That leaves me to the big question. What about South America? There aren't many laws there about many things, at least in the far mountains where many haven't been?

I really don't want to be sold a blanket full of "stuff" in the books. I'm in sales and know the game really well.

Wish you the best of luck, & happy hunting!
HM: 858 312 1871

Stan's response: Thanks for writing Tim. You are right...here in South America, there is still a lot of freedom to roam around the remote parts and freely investigate anything that looks interesting. Much of Ecuador, for example, is still completely unexplored.

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