What About Prospecting, Dredging & Mining Permits?

by Steven
(Chicago , Illinois)

Of course I am interested in becoming prosperous. I've bought a lot of books from your website already. The answer may be there already, so forgive me if I have not gotten to the information yet. But is there a specific legal permit application process for GRINGOS? I'm interested in diamond prospecting and wonder what permit obstacles there are for non-residents?

Stan's response: Hi Steven. I am not sure if you are talking about Ecuador, Venezuela or ??? Basically, each country has it's own rules and laws about mining activities. Those laws usually apply equally to locals and foreigners alike.

The political situation is constantly changing in South America. You can often find the latest laws on the internet. If that doesn't work, you either need to speak with someone already doing business in your target country or you might contact a lawyer in your target country.

As you'll find anywhere, some lawyers are good and many are not. Try contacting key people you find on the net via email first.

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