Wealth finder arrives in Quito Ecuador to meet Stan and locate ancient library.

by Robert Thomason
(Birmingham, AL U.S.A.)

Did you know that the contents of the ancient library discovered years ago are now in Ploiesti, Romania presumably being translated? It came as a surprise to me also. Do not despair that the "known" library location is now empty. There were several and not all have as yet been opened.

Stan's response: Unfortunately, my 20 years of research and investigation on the subject of the metallic library in the Tayos Cave indicates that this story is not true. I've done my homework and I was able to trace the origin of the legend - Petronio Jaramillo.

This story started off to be a fictional novel. It was eventually stolen no less than 3 times. With each theft, the story grew larger and "truer". Now, there are many people in the world who simply accept it as the gospel truth.

I wish the story was true... but it is not.

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