Wealth Easily Found

by Robert Thomason
(Birmingham, AL., U.S.A.)

Great archives! You are on the right trail. Ecuador and nearby countries have tremendous wealth in the form of natural gold and emeralds, as well as buried by man. Not only is there tremendous buried wealth at the equator, but when the ancient cities were overrun in the thirteen hundreds, many ceremonial golden objects were hastily buried and remain there to this day.

Great quantities of emeralds are also in natural abundance in major deposits valued in the many multi-millions. I have developed a system that quickly and easily locates major deposits of gold and emeralds.

Ten years of practice has finally enabled me to develop my abilities to this level. Your ability as an experienced traveler in Ecuador and my ability to locate gold and jewels remotely and on site would make an excellent team. Thank You.

Stan's response: Thanks for your excellent insights Robert. That is exactly why I live in Quito, Ecuador. When shall I expect your visit?

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Oct 01, 2009
headed to Ecuador to see you
by: Robert Thomason

Stan, What does your schedule look like for October? I do not speak the language. I do not know my way around. All I can do is find major treasures easily. When you are free to go with me to the treasure, I will be there in Quito to join you. Please E-mail me and I will immediately make travel arrangements. I already know where to look if you will go with me to treasure. Robert

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