Way Back in the Back Woods

by David

Way Back in the Back Woods

Way Back in the Back Woods

Hello Stan,

I went to new site. There is supposed to be a buried treasure near here. These things must be 15 feet high at least.

One problem is the treasure buriers around here must be part mountain goat.

I am 73 years old and 75 degree to almost straight up slopes are a bit difficult. But I try. Going up is not too bad if you take it slow. But the real scary part is going back down. I time things. If I determine that I will not get to the top before it starts to get dark, I start back down. Falling in the dark is not an acceptable option.

Another problem is money.

I can allow only a certain amount to be spent before my wallet and my stomach start conferring with each other as to how I am going to afford food and rent for the next month if I continue to stay out here in the middle of nowhere.

So, I need to forget about the mountain tops and find a site on level ground even if the mountain top caches are often larger.

I include a photo of a nearly forgotten historical site nearby. As far as I can tell from my research, there are not too many of these left standing. These two are so far back in never-never land that most people do not know where they are and they do not show up on any maps. I did find one old resident of the area whose beard was grayer than mine who came across them once when he was young.

Stan's response: Thanks David, we love to read personal stories of adventure, treasure and gold.

Fortunately, with good research, it is still possible to find treasures at lower altitudes and on flat ground. But I think you are right, the best ones seem to be the most difficult to reach.

Please continue sharing your latest adventures with us.

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Long walk from this place to yours
by: David

This spot of times gone by is in Nevada.


UINTA Mountains
by: Anonymous

I know of 2 fish lakes.. Both in the area I am from, but very far apart.
I have hiked to the remote one before. Also drove and camped at the lower one.
But I would lean to these being near the high MNT lake.
A Similar design is outside a small town called CARTER WYOMING.
Needed for the original rail system crossing the country.

Thank you for the reply...

by: David


Thanks for the reply.

Right on!

That area had a lot gold mining activity and these are old charcoal ovens built to support the miners.

Do you know the Fish Lake Road area?


From My Discoveries...
by: Anonymous

From what I have seen, this is not to much providing I am still in my early 30s.

I would like to believe these to be either, 1st Coke ovens, or 2nd some kind of a smelter?

But please enlighten me I am very curious!

They look to be from the territory I come from.

Thanks for the PIC, and Knowledge that is priceless.

The Musings of an Older Treasure Hunter
by: David

Well, when I am low on funds, I do research.

Bad thing about treasure hunting is that it is more famine than feast. If there are any 3 letter agencies following my escapades, they have to be just shaking their heads at the folly of dreamers.

What keeps adventurers like me going is that sometimes, somewhere, someone actually finds something. I an still looking for my something. It is out there somewhere.

Except that when 70 is in your rearview mirror, Mr. Black watches you closely. He is a patient, tolerable person of legend who knows that there will be a misstep eventually.

No big deal. I have two birthdays already. One when I was born and one when I not too long ago had a NDE. For those of you that do not know what that is, it is a Near Death Experience. Mine was on May 6, 2011.

My 5th birthday is next month.

These events are interesting to read about but life changing and disturbing to be the one

When you ask a person in a dark waiting area "Am I dead or dying?" and a pleasant but authoritative voice of a woman standing by a well-lit door about 25 feet away says "That has not been decided yet.", you wonder what the male figure, standing on the other side of the door, job is. I was not too sure I wanted to know.

Obviously, I did not die and I am not careless or care free now. But if an adventure pops up, I consider it. Every "moment now" is a gift.

One consideration is that, although I would have it different, having a NDE does not keep me free of aches and pains. Also, I keep in mind, that the next NDE may not result in my coming back.

Ahh-h, did I mention that I was treasure hunting at the time? I did whack my head. Maybe that explains why I am still rummaging around in hostile places by myself.

At least, the old prospectors had a mule along so that there was someone there with a bit of common sense in case things "Gang aft agley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, ...." if we make a misstep.

Well, I am going to take a nap and see if I can find a way to travel to the next dream.

Long ago I met an old man in a small town who gave me some sage advice. He pointed to an old man sitting by himself smiling as he looked at others passing by. "No matter if he is sitting by his self or with his friends, he has his memories that make his days brighter.

He and his friends are happy. They have stories to tell of what they have done in their lives.

"Make memories young man. They are the joy that makes you look forward to the next day as time goes by."

I followed his advice. I have many memories. I often can be found laughing to myself. Others do not have to understand why. I know.

Stan's response: Well said David...

Know what they are?
by: David

I would like to hear from anyone who knows what they are.

I know. But It is not obvious unless you are near one or do a lot of research as I do.

Hope to hear from some of you,


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