by Ed
(Vilcabamba, Loja)

Hey Stan, ever heard of any gold artifacts being found around Vilcabamba? I have found stone artifacts (knives, scrapers, hoes) that predate the Inca right here behind my apartment in Vilca.

There are lots of old Inca sites to explore near here too. I have heard a number of stories of locals finding gold artifacts but nothing that I can actually confirm.

Everyone is afraid of going to prison so most artifacts are promptly destroyed, hidden or thrown away. Most all of the mountain/hill ridges and high-points around here are pot-holed with thousands of excavations so either people were eternally optimistic or were actually finding gold.

I enjoy your website; it is very well done.

Stan's response: Thank you for your comments Ed. Greatly appreciated.

Yes, the Loja to Quinara area was an extremely important area in both pre-Inca and Inca times. It sits right on the Inca Trail and was heavily populated for many hundreds of years. There are definitely gold artifacts all around this entire area.

In fact, part of Atahualpa's Treasure is reported to still be hidden in the Quinara zone. The history and importance of this entire area is still relatively unknown and little understood.

And then there are the giant human remains that were discovered nearby, just outside of Cariamanga.

You really live in a historian's paradise!

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