USA - Historic Gold Mine Plans to Re-Open

by Bill
(East Tennessee, USA)

The Historic Moss Gold Mine located in Goochland County, Virginia, USA, is planning to re-open. The owners are searching for a small to medium size mining operation to reopen its shafts to 75 feet below the surface where a gold bearing fractured quartz vein begins. This vein averages over one ounce per ton of .890 fine, free milling gold. Viable quantities of silver, molybdenum and copper are also present along with garnet and tourmaline. The overburden consists of a soft red clay saprolite.

The right people can negotiate to mine this property for a small percentage of profits or buy the property outright.

Historical information can be viewed at and exploratory data is available at

Stan's response: Normally I don't allow sales or promotional activities in the forum. However, I've been in touch with Bill about this historical mining site for a long time. If this opportunity interests you, I suggest doing some serious "due dilligence". That said, the opportunity looks very interesting to me and if I had the time, I would definitely check it out.

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