Urban Survival

July 21, 2012

As economic conditions continue to deteriorate around the globe, I think it is a good idea to give some thought to the Boyscout motto, "Be Prepared". Here are some excellent suggestions of things that you can do right now to prepare for possible eventualities.

Urban Survival

Devastating events in metropolitan areas can necessitate implementation of urban survival skills in order to survive the breakdown of society and government. The possibility of an emergency situation produced by bioterrorism, terrorism, detonation of nuclear weapons, asteroid collision or meteor strikes exists at any given moment.

Being prepared to address this type of disaster in which civil authority, mobility, communication and infrastructure devices are ineffective or totally nonexistent means devising a plan and knowing exactly how to utilize this plan.

The Realities of the Urban Jungle Living safely in a crowded, congested, hectic noisy and sometimes dirty urban area where the population exceeds 500,000 is difficult enough without the added complication of a disaster. Those who are used to living in the "urban jungle" may not realize just how much worse it will get when anarchy reigns supreme.

Although survivalists recommend fleeing an urban setting as soon as possible following an emergency situation, issues may arise which prevents you from an immediate departure. In that case, here are some urban survival tips for living in a post-apocalyptic world:

  • Maintain a low profile when venturing outdoors. Do your best to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Carry a broomstick, walking cane, glass bottle or pepper spray when going outside. If things have really deteriorated, carry a handgun for protection. Learn how to use a gun by taking lessons before you need to use it.
  • If power is still on, hang blackout curtains to prevent others from seeing the light inside your shelter at night. Remember, with little to no laws being enforced, people are apt to do anything

  • When food becomes scarce, avoid cooking since the smell may attract others who do not have any resources. Many more gangs will form after a breakdown of society and government. They will constantly be roaming the city looking to steal anyone's resources.

  • In case of no water supply, have a porta-potty available, which can be emptied into a hole in the back yard or other outdoor area.

  • Keep extra cash safely stashed in an airtight and waterproof lockbox.

  • Keep enough food and medical supplies stocked in your home that will last as least six months.

  • City pigeons are edible if food runs low. So are squirrels, rats and rabbits. However, this meat needs to be thoroughly cooked before eating to remove parasites

  • Know some basics of martial arts self-defense moves to enhance urban survival skills.

  • If you run out of clean drinking water, other sources that may be available include a waterbed that could contain around 500 gallons of water, collecting rainwater or obtaining water from nearby park ponds or streams. Always purify this water before drinking.

  • Before the disaster happens, replace your apartment door or house doors with steel, bolted security doors.

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