Up comming gold mining training

by Capt Keith
(Peru S:A:)

Stan, I believe you mentioned in a previous post that you are going to hold a training session and hands on for you mining equipment. I am interested in attending so I can put this information to use here in North Peru.
Thanks, Capt. Keith

Stan's response: Hi Captain. Yes, I am working on organizing some sort of live gold prospecting training event here in Ecuador.

What I need is the help of an event planner due to my own lack of time. I am currently in the middle of launching 2 major alluvial gold projects which are keeping me extremely busy.

So, I'll either have to wait a few more months or I'll have to find a bilingual volunteer who can help me. One way or the other, we will get it done well before the end of this year.

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Mar 10, 2013
Gold Mining Training
by: Capt Keith

Hi Stan, I have no problem volunteering to assist in the GM training. My Marine Archaeology Project here in Peru also keeps me busy. I can travel and meet with you in Ecuador and map out the strategies that you want to incorporate in the training. I have a window of time the next few months before the next classes begin. Let me know... CK

Stan's response: Captain, I would love to collaborate with you on this. I currently live near the Cuenca area. Once I get through the month of April, things should begin to mellow out around here a bit. Would a visit here in May work for you?

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