Undiscovered Ancient Cities

by Jack

Stan, Knowing as I do, your love of researching and your having actually discovered ancient city locations. I thought you might find this interesting.

Evidently, at least in some ancient city locations, there was a direct correlation between star constellations, and specific star locations in the night sky, and locations where the cities were built.

I do not pretend to understand it all, but perhaps you might utilize the theory in locating yet undiscovered sites in Ecuador. Here is a link to the article:


Stan's response: Thanks Jack. You know me well.

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The Stars and Ancient Civilizations
by: William Kilgore

For one, I keep an open mind to the ancient civilizations and there cultures and influences.

But I think one thought that is rarely discussed is that the sky was all they had to view in the night. No conveniences or media like we have today. I think that if that was all we had to view in the evenings, we too would be much more in tune with astronomy. And it's influence would be much greater to us all.

Stan's response: Well said William.

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