Turning page the pages of history

by B. Steven Bland
(Wilmington, NC, USA)

From what I have read and experienced, the overall view of world history reads like this:

1) An advanced race from Venus drops off an away team to oversee the next major evolutionary cycle of the human race.

2) They play with the gene pool and split the chimp family tree to produce a true hu-man (Hu being an ancient name for God)

3) That line evolved into the Lemurian race which fell.

4) Their descendants became the Atlantean race which fell also, but not before setting up trade routes around the globe. Most noticeable; Egypt and the South American pyramid builders.

5) Our culture reflects its Atlantean roots in its legends, myths, and now with the finding of these ruins, its buildings.

Which begs the question, "Are they Atlantean or the last true proof of Lemuria?"

Thanks for letting me ramble. I am going to check my plans for this summer and see if I can tote a camera for you guys!


Stan's response: Thanks Steve. Looks like you may be a fan of the channeled Urantia Book.

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