Treasure Hunting After Isaac

This article helps to illustrate that you can find lots more treasure along any coastal waterway just after a sizable storm has hit. This was my experience when I lived on the coast, just north of Miami. The bigger storms seemed to suck the sand away from the beach and leave me much closer to those heavier, precious metal targets.

Treasure Hunting After Isaac

After the churning waves Isaac has brought in, many people are hopeful to find seashells along the shores, and maybe even hidden treasures.

But no one finds quite as many as Barbara Holcomb of Bay County.

“I come down here, turn on my metal detector and just detect,” said Holcomb. “It's a great hobby. It's peaceful. It's serene. Put your earphones on and the world goes away."

She has been searching along the coast for lost items for more than twenty years.

She says after a storm is one of the best times to come outside and look for treasures."

"If I'm relic hunting after a big storm, I go when the ground is wet,” she said. “It brings the metals to the surface more. Each thing you find that's older, there's a history there."

Holcomb has quite a collection of finds, from an old toy gun to diamond rings.
She has returned every class ring she could find the owner to.

But when it comes to the diamonds, "don't wear your jewelry to the beach, because I'm going to find it!"

I highly recommend that you try this method and see if you don't increase your recoveries by about 300%!

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