Treasure Cache Hunting. $20 Double Gold Eagles.

I have reason to believe I've located a treasure cache consisting of confederate gold ( 20 dollar double gold eagles ) said to have been buried back in 1864 by the good ole boys from the south!

All my fieldwork indicates that it's there and perhaps at a depth of 15 to 20 ft. I'm at the 12ft. level now and have been bombarded by all these tropical rain squalls that keeps me from making any real progress.

Luckily, I have a water pump to combat that water filled hole but the anticipation of getting back is killing my spirits so to speak cause it's in a flood zone and water surrounding hole has to dissipate or evaporate before anymore real progress can be made.

A cousin and myself have been at this project off and on for 2 to 3 years. It's so disheartening believing and knowing something's there related to gold but seems to take forever to get to a certain depth.

We are living the part of modern day pirates on this TH project. And the good news is that a geologist believes also that a treasure having been buried for just over a 150 years now would very possibly be at my estimated depth.

I guess my perseverance and hard work will get me over the top and collect the prize of a lifetime. JACKPOT!! ANYMORE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT WOULD BE VERY MORAL SUPPORTIVE!! WHICH IS WHAT I NEED!!

Stan's response: Wow, I really feel for you guys. I know what it is like to get disheartened in these situations. I have been in the same fix several times over the years.

There is a well-known saying for your situation. It has actually proven to be true for me almost every time I have gotten discouraged. Here it is...

"The Night is Darkest, Just Before Dawn"

Hang in there good buddy!

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Confeddy Gold To Be Or Not To Be!
by: Jeffrey Elliott

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement for they mean the world to me now more than ever!

So what you're saying is that they are so narrow minded that they don't even believe that they're jealous of someone else's effort in trying to succeed in life especially if the potential rewards are out of they're reach!

Again, are they that blind that they can't see that it's wrong to wish your fellow man bad luck or misfortune in God's eyes? I shouldn't feel sorry for those people, but I do, because I care and because they are children of God like me! Thanks again!

I know where they're coming from
by: GetsOutThere

Jeffrey, I know where those people are coming from. In one simple word, it's jealousy. Even if you never find gold, they're jealous that you're possessed by a goal so compelling that you're working toward it consistently. Not many people do that, and that's why they live quiet and unfulfilling lives.

It doesn't take much to step outside the box, but most people never work up the courage or have the imagination to do it. And what if you do hit the coins? Can you imagine the jealousy then?! It's bad enough that they probably secretly consider you a dreamer, but when you can finally solve a historical mystery and enrich your own life in the process, they may toss around words like 'greedy'.

No matter what is in your way, you cannot let it be bigger than yourself or your goals. We are here on earth once that we know of. It is not a dress rehearsal, it IS the show. James de Garmo's Right Question is really applicable to treasure hunting! (well, to everything, but to us as well!)

I wish you the best of luck, and even if I never find any gold myself, I love hearing about those who do. What a rush!

Treasure Finding!!
by: Jim

I love the idea of finding treasure. There is nothing like finding what you have been seeking.

I solved three missing persons cases. Two were historical cold cases of famous people and the third was a warm body in Japan years ago!

I agree with all the cautions of keep it quiet. Just shovel, stash it and steal away at night.

There will be plenty of itchy hands looking to grab it.

Hmmm, filling up with water. Anyway to get an excavator and just dig down quick while the pump is working?

Keep in mind the Money Pit at Oak Island and how they had water problems and the dangers they faced and fatalities they endured.

Might be better to let it fill up with water and do a scuba diving type - archaeological type retrieval. That way you can avoid any monoxide gas or build up of CO2.

Also, being under water gives you cover of what you initially find.

Dig you find coins yet? I don't recall seeing that as I read.

When you do find it... don't say a word until you are overseas in a new home and totally relocated!!

Confeddy Gold - To Be Or Not To Be!
by: Jeffrey Elliott

So true perhaps! But I only use any and all criticism as a total motivational tool! And trust me, no-one but god knows where I'm at! And when I do everything pretty much in anonymity then perhaps the treasure will be sold in a manner so as to only me and whom else I wish to profit!

And I also have a copy of that book, and again, I use that content for a motivational tool. I don't plan to tell the world of my potential findings you see and that is the difference between me and other treasure hunters!

And as for safety matters, thank you, but I know what I'm doing! Ex. When you're digging in pure iron ore there IS no DANGER of ground collapsing!


Some Warnings About Treasure Finding & Recovery!
by: Lost Adams

Gents, I would recommend you read Karl Von Muller's Treasure Hunting Manuel #7.

When done, re-evaluate what you are doing and who may be watching.

You Need to Collar and Shore up your hole. This is for your safety and the safety of any children or animals that may fall in there.

Hard pan/rock can loosen upon exposure to air and water and WILL cave in on you at some point, unless shored properly.

When you do recover your Treasure, you will be Hounded by a Plethora of Lawyers/Owners of the treasure. Even if you win the lawsuits, you could be in the RED financially very quickly. Take the most recent Treasure Story as an example, The 10 cans of Gold Coins found on an old couple's land in California a year or so ago.

Please don't take my comments as Criticism I would be the first to congratulate you on your Success.

The old saying, "Loose Lips Sink Ships" is so so very true and exponentially so in Treasure Hunting.

Sincerely, Bill "Lost Adams"

Stan's response: Total Words of Wisdom Bill. I agree with you on your points.

Also, Karl's old books are the very best on the subject. I consider them to be the Bible of our industry.

Once, I interviewed Mel Fisher, before he passed away. I know that he would also agree about years of fighting for his rights with the government (and other forces that be) before he finally won.

"Today is the Day!"

Confeddy Gold - To Be Or Not To Be!
by: Jeffrey Elliott

Thanks a bunch guys!! You don't know how much those few words of encouragement mean to me coming from someone with a like-mind!! When I'm soon 54, to be this month, and I share my enthusiasm with friends and family members these last 3 years about my outdoor endeavors, they all seem to not want to wish me well and much success!

Why is that so I wonder? I do know it is totally unchristianlike!! I wish all my fellow brothers and sisters on earth goodwill and much success at whatever they set out to accomplish because it is christlike to do so!!

I turn all their negative vibes into a positive motivational tool to keep me upbeat!! What really helps the most is what my mom & pop instilled in me which is the never give up attitude & hard work!!

And generally you do accomplish what you set out to do!! I am also documenting this treasure hunt on youtube for several reasons which I won't go into!! Anyone can follow this TH under my name Jeffrey Elliott. The videos are titled, CONFEDDY GOLD/TREASURE HUNTING with JEFF and DAVID

Stan's response: Good luck out there Jeffrey. We'll certainly be looking at your YouTube productions with interest and support.

Keep At It!
by: Gunny

I'm in the same boat. Been working on a project now for 6 years. So close, but so far away. Climate only allows two short windows per year to work. Keep at it... It will pay off!!!

Stan's response: Thanks Gunny. It is always good to hear of someone else in the same position and what they are doing about it. I certainly respect you guys with the great persistence!

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