Travel Writing for Fun and Profit - a question (or two)

by Wojtek Bobilewicz
(Warsaw, Poland)

Needless to say, I have purchased your whole "6 Ways to Make $6000..." package and am literally voraciously devouring it. ANYTHING to make my life even tiny bit closer to what you do (your lifestyle) is more valuable than gold... ;-))

But I have two (so far, there may be more!) questions regarding the "Travel Writing for Fun and Profit" book. My first question is this:

You say that one of the ways to generate income on your site (or to save money) is to write a review of a hotel or food/restaurant, or to write about your ship cruise experience(s) etc. Obviously, to be able to do it, two things are needed: (a) you need to travel (and travel frequently, i.e. several times a year), and (b) it needs to be a "luxury" type of travel (by "luxury" I only mean the opposite of dragging yourself somewhere in the jungle, desert, mountains etc. where your accommodation is your tent or a blanket under the stars and where your "luxury boat" may sometimes be a horse, a donkey or a camel, but most frequently your own legs). So, taking into account the fact that you often travel to such remote places, and taking into account that I do/want to do/plan to do/dream of doing the same, how is writing such review possible at all? And how to generate income sufficient enough to cover expenses of travels twice or three times a year, irrespective of what level of comfort you experience during travels?

My second question is this: As I have just said, in order to undertake travel writing of any sort, one needs to... well, travel. Sometimes for only days or weeks, sometimes for months. So, with all the external obstacles there are (rather seriously ill mother, girlfriend absolutely not sharing passions and threatening with a "divorce", necessity to have money to last you - and to help your mother - for the duration of the trip and AFTER it, etc.), how can I travel, i.e. how can I write about travels, i.e. how can I generate ANY (let alone substantial) income? I could of course write about something else, but it is EXACTLY travel, adventure, discovery, etc. that I crave, love, want, dream of! Any thought on that? Many thanks Wojtek-Poland

Stan’s response: Hi Wojtek, It is very good to hear from you. I really respect your passion and tenacity. I admire you for all of the steps you have already taken in the direction of becoming a Wealthy Adventurer. I especially am totally blown away by your most excellent web site: Solomon Islands Mysteries ! You have been laying a lot of good and important groundwork for getting to the “next level” of living the good life of an adventurous lifestyle.

By reading your web site, I can tell that you already have all of the necessary writing skills to tell a great story in a meaningful and fascinating way. You totally captivated my interest in your investigative and adventurous work in the Solomon Islands.

Here are some comments to address the points you brought up in your message to me… Yes, the travel writing business can seem like sort of a “Catch 22” situation at first glance. If you are not already traveling, how do you write about travel?

I would do exactly what you have done. I would create a specific niche web site and begin filling it with free, valuable information. Publish a free newsletter. Learn to build a responsive mailing list. You can begin by writing about your inexpensive, “adventures close to home”. Teach people how to start putting a little adventure into their life. Then work up from there until you are doing real expeditions such as you have done with your Solomon Islands investigations.

Learn how to generate a powerful flow of traffic to your web site. Pay per click traffic is great, but I would first learn how to send a good flow of free, organic traffic to that web site. Writing and posting free articles is a great way to stimulate that flow of traffic. A good site to begin posting your free articles would be at That site is important.

Once you have learned how to build a good web site and generate substantial traffic to it, you are in the driver’s seat; you are now in control of your destiny. You can begin to attract potential advertisers, expedition financiers and sources who want to pay you for your proven travel and writing abilities. You can also begin to sell information products that relate to your niche.

Try to find someone who can look after your ill mother when you are not home and reconsider your relationship. If you are not with someone who supports your passion, there are plenty more fish in the sea who will. That is tough talk but I have been through the exact same situations and made the necessary changes. I am much happier now.

I hope that helps you a little my good friend.

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