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Basic Training Course

Since I was 19 years old, I’ve been flying all over the Americas, usually for adventure. Some of my earlier adventures were on behalf of mining companies in Brazil. But most of my adventures since then have been my own adventure-related projects.

In the process of flying and traveling more than a million miles over the years, I have been discovering and collecting “Insider Travel Secrets” all along the way. My collection of Outrageous Travel Secrets includes discounts, freebies and special methods for enjoying the “good life” in ways and places that most people never dream of. Most of my Secrets have come from close friends who are Pilots, Flight Attendants, Airline Ticket Agents, Travel Agents and Perpetual Travelers. I literally had to squeeze the information out of them, bit by bit, over many years.

What I share with you in my Advanced Outrageous Travel Secrets Training Course are the results of me applying these Travel Secrets over and over again. Frankly, this is information that you are definitely NOT supposed to know. Your gain is the loss of the airlines, hotel chains, car rental agencies, etc.

That said, so much of the Travel Industry operates in secret from the public. People normally pay way more for their travel than they need to. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue where to look or how to ask in order to get the dirt cheap deals.

For example, how would you like to join an organization that is not openly advertized anywhere? This organization offers you the deep, deep travel discounts, privileges and insider knowledge that only official travel agents had access to a few short years ago. As a member of this organization, you can even book trips for relatives and family members at your special, outrageous discount. Or, you could even sell travel packages (guided by you or not) for good prices and make a fortune in the process.

The deep discounts are on flights, hotels, car rentals and much, much more. By joining this group, you enjoy all the benefits that most travel agents, ticket agents and industry insiders work for many years to get. Do you realize that many people in the travel industry put up with their disliked daily jobs just so that they can have access to these discounts and travel the world nearly free? Now, all of these benefits can be yours!

When you combine this secret insider travel information with even a small to medium-sized “auto-pilot” income, you are free to travel the world and live wherever you desire.

For now, allow me to freely share just a few of the Secrets I have with you.

Travel Secret #1: How would you like to save the price and inconvenience of staying at an expensive hotel during an overnight layover? How would you like to spend absolutely nothing, in fact? Here’s how: Free Lodging

Travel Secret #2: Save huge on airport parking all over the USA. Here’s how: Steep Airport Parking Discounts

Travel Secret #3: How would you like to be automatically notified if a specific airline fare suddenly drops and enters into your desired price range? Check it out: Automatic Notification

Travel Secret #4: How would you like to always know what the very best travel bargain of the week is? Here is where you can go: Best Travel Deals of the Week

Obviously, I have not shared my very best secrets with you above. However, I hope these FREE suggestions can save you some serious cash on your next trip.