by Augie

Hey Stan, What do you think is the best automated stock trading software out there today? Do you know of any good ones that are Mac compatible?

Stan's response: Hi Augie, I think that NeuroShell Trader is the best software for creating trading robots with excellent artificial intelligence. I have not yet seen anything made for the Mac.

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Sep 20, 2017
A thought.... Opals
by: Jim

Gold is good!

Now what about some other options.... such as Opals?

I heard about a place in Australia called Coober Pedy. Underground cave homes, extreme surface temps but 70degrees F in the cave.

In the caves... opals!! A small ledge netted $50,000 usd.

Could this be a whole new area for us?????

May 13, 2011
Following Gold-Bearing Black Sand
by: Anonymous

Mack, The GMT whites detector measures Black sand content in the soil . I own one its very useful for what your talking about.

Sad to say thought the process of following it back to teh source is a bit more difficult than just following it back... Often times here in Ecuador even at teh sourse of the Gold its very fine.

Best to start in a known area that has a history of larger nuggets. Bill

May 13, 2011
Gold Prospector Wanted
by: Mack

Seeking experienced prospector with ability to trace heavy black-sand and heavy gold nuggets to the up-stream source rock.

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