Stan, ALL due respect. But, I click the link and enter the password to read what grand-Mother did 100-years ago in Ecuador, ONLY TO FIND no way to even find the " of the story...." as the old saying goes!!

WHAT a true disappointment, sir. I really WANTED to read that.


I am simply a man stuck behind the iron-curtain(USSA) now....
FOLLOWED you for years my friend. I am very glad & happy to see you doing very well. Best regards.

Stan's response: Hi Steven, Thanks for inquiring about how to solve this problem, here in the Forum. This post may be able to help any other members with the same problem.

My complete, most recent blog post to which you are referring, can be found by clicking on the room, "Stan's Blog" on the new virtual floor plan. The floor plan is located near the top of the Clubhouse page. Please let me know if you have any problems finding it.

Comments for THIS IS TERRIBLE!!

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NOT a hater here....
by: Anonymous

I started this thread. I dont get anything from you for quite some time.(You state you send out a weekly newsletter, implying its free) I am dirt poor, so cannot pay subscribe, but if youd be so kind to send me a link, then I will try to navigate your free site options once again, sir. Thank you. is where you need to subscribe for weekly newsletters.

by: John

Surely you must be tripping. This site is very simple to navigate! Stan you are a true gentleman. Your patience with the haters, no nothings, and sob stories is commendable!

Stan's response: Thanks John. Some people don't have much computer or internet experience. They deserve plenty of patience. On the other hand, some people just never learned any good manners from their mama...

Yes, this IS terrible (not user friendly)
by: Anonymous

No help at all....I have no idea how to find this "Clubhouse" page.....Seems pointless to try with the solution you provided, Stan. :-(

Stan's reaction: Hi Anonymous, thanks for sharing your frustrations. We are always here to help in a timely fashion.

Each newsletter I sent out each week has a link and a password so that you can enter into our virtual Clubhouse straight away. That link and password immediately follow my name near the bottom of the newsletter.

Further, I offer a link in the newsletter directly to my weekly blog that does not even require a password.

If you can think of a way to make access to the Clubhouse more user friendly than that, I am all ears and ready to listen.

With all that said, how did you post this message if not directly from the digital Clubhouse? Mmmm...

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