The North American Report: Shortage of Paper Money?

by Jim

Hello Traders, Adventurers, Privateers, Mercenaries, and of course our Rogues...

I have read an observation by a financial observer named Jim Rickards. I greatly enjoy his articles and intend to read his newest book, "The Road to Ruin."

In the synopsis it mentions a shortage of paper money. That got me thinking.

If there is a shortage of paper money it would do to have some saved up for, as another interesting financial writer described it, "When the ATMs Go Dark."

I have this image of someone with a hundred dollar bill buying very hard to get and desperately needed supplies (once things go Middle Ages overnight) and then asking awkwardly, "can you break a hundred?"

He recommends saving paper money and having it at a safe location you can retrieve.

I say, have it in small bills: ones, fives, and tens... no bigger.

Just a thought.


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Jul 14, 2017
by: Jim

Yes, placer is great but... making payment and trading could be more of a problem if they do not have enough of what you want to buy (trade for).

Also, I should have said also start saving coins as they are nice fractions of a dollar.

Jul 14, 2017
by: Anonymous

I say collect some placer gold instead !!!

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