The North American Report: Phoenix, Arizona

by Jim

Hello to all you Rogues, Rascals, Adventurers, and Traders:

Well, Phoenix is hot. Three temperatures: hot, hotter, hottest.

I cannot exist there as it is over 100 degrees F for 4 months of the year. Two more months are in the high 90's. The rest of the years is a pleasant warm county.

If you are warm weather person this is the place. The people are friendly, the traffic is not bad at all compared to California. They do not seem so caught up in politics.

Phoenix itself is not the place to live. Tempe, Scottsdale are nice. What is considered middle class in California is of higher quality than middle class for Arizona. Hope that is clear. You gotta see it to feel it and then understand it.

I wish I could live there as I have a very nice friend there; but losing half the year by hiding indoors or in an air conditioned car going to places is not my idea of fun.

If you do gold hunt, that is 1/2 a year you really are restricted or in a desert that could kill you.

Prices, a bit cheaper on some things, but just as much or more on others.

Arizona in other spots are much more habitable. The north towards Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff are cooler. The rents and prices are more up there.

This is country to have a strong vehicle that has air conditioning and to be savvy about desert survival and dangers. Don't take this county lightly.

I can see why there is gold here and it won't come quietly or easily.

On the way to the airport, the Uber driver was pointing out sights. She said she was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. The Superstitious Mountains came up on the right side and she said, "those are the Superstitious mountains. Don't go in there. People disappear or die there."

She also said within months Phoenix will change and prices will go up. Why? Refugees from Texas and Florida who where wiped out by the hurricanes and do not want to rebuild there but will find someplace else to start over that is warm. Also, soon to retire people will say not Florida... too dangerous lets go to Arizona.

Hope this was helpful.

Stan's response: Greatly appreciated Jim! Very interesting to know what is going on in different parts out there.

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