The North America Report: San Francisco

by Jim

Hello Traders, Adventures, Privateers, Mercenaries, Rogues, and alike others;

This is my first post under this title of The North American Report. I figure while we are still alive up here I should let you all know what is going on.

For those of you lucky enough to be situated in safe locations far away it could be new info... for those of you still here watching the news it is more of a yeah I see it too.

San Francisco: save your time, save your money---- possibly save your life and do not bother going there.

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend who flew into San Francisco (S.F.) from Japan this past weekend. Wonderful to see her, it has been 15 years that I last saw her.

On the way into S.F. I was shocked by what I saw. I traveled from the West side to the East side via Geary Street. Two years ago... or even 6 months ago I did not see any of what I saw this past Monday night.

Along the sidewalks where large cardboard boxes, full sized tents, and people living in them. What I beheld was not really S.F. or an American city but rather a desperate 3rd world country sprawled out on the cement.

My goodness; California or Venezuela-fornia?

I felt unsafe. I felt that I did not want to get out of my vehicle.

I felt like running. Yet, I had my friend to visit, and I did not want to feel like a coward.

I was greeted by numbers of people camping on the sidewalks, people hanging out, people that were just lost as what to do. I decided to park far away and walk in.

The parking garages are more like high priced rentals for cars rather than place to pull over. Safety of you vehicle is expressly not guaranteed by the garages--- in writing.

I found parking far above Chinatown and proceeded to walk in. Through Chinatown, through the outer business district, through Union Square I walked.

The dark streets... dark streets??, but it is 9pm at night in the summer. It is tourist season why aren't placed open and the lights on?

Seems to save money they turn off the electricity. Not even a light in the store window... well they do have steel doors or gates blocking most of the windows.

What of the city street lights you might ask. Well, those thrifty socialist also known as liberal-democrats and champions of the people decided they could not afford to have them on much. There is a low level glow (ember like) from each that adds a sleazy or even haunted look to what once was a bright light of civilization on the West Coast.

The people running the show are still fully in their delusion. Perhaps the equally deluded petty man in N.Korea will wake them out of it with his little toys. I do believe that they think they and their city are impervious to anything like that because, "they are better than everyone else."

What I saw is not shown on the news. What you do see is the portly little mayor little Eddie Lee making loud statements of what a great job they are doing and how there latest little nothing in reality is such a a wonderful thing. They do not show how people are just roused out of one spot and forced to find another. They do not show the thousands of individuals making their way to the city for the hope of something.

Nothing is mentioned of the hundreds of millions of dollars the cities are given to help the situation and yet... nothing improves and from what I saw on Monday night it is clear it is far worse.

At the end of my visit and my getting ready to depart my friend's hotel the front desk people advised me to take a taxi. I explained I was from the area and that to save money I would just make a mad dash to my vehicle-- possibly like many of the city regulars.

I recall the days that I worked in the city. I recall wanting very much to live there and be a part of that life. I recall being disappointed that none of that happened but now I am grateful that I am not part of that and trapped in that city.

What I experienced was a complete shock. I do not want to go back... well certainly not to the east side. The west side if you go far enough is still manageable, but that is also changing.

Vacation time?

Money to spend?

I say take a trip to South(not Central) America and see some different places and some different options.

An investment in that type of vacation could hold huge future rewards for you and your family.


Stan's response: Thank you very much Jim, for your most informative report. I'll have much more to say about this topic in coming weeks. Things are changing at a faster and faster pace in our world. It is good to be well-informed and prepared for just about anything.

I hope you can continue to send us more reports in the future Jim!

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Jul 28, 2017
Opps looks like I will have to go there
by: Jim

Hello All,

Well, some opportunity as come up for me in Arizona so that I will have to go there for a few years.

I am aiming to get a job at a university that will have free tuition as one of the many benefits.

I will study computer science with a focus on cyber security and network security.

A career in that profession, and thank you to all the wacko hackers out there for making it so, will be high paying and highly mobile. You can work anyplace providing security. You can live cheap and earn big!!

I see that field growing and in demand for the next 50 years.

Once I am done I can look about and ask myself, "stay or go?"

I think going with a purpose helps to overcome many issues with an area.

I am still on the lookout for good places and will report to this forum as I hear of them.


Jul 10, 2017
Phoenix & Tuscon going down hill??
by: Jim

Hello Rob,

OMG, I didn't know about Phoenix and Tuscon going that way. All that and the extreme hit... that is not fair.

My friend just left the Bay Area for Phoenix, has a home in Scottsdale. She was saying it is good there.

Oh, dear, I was thinking intermediate to go there but after what you said I will reconsider that idea!!

Thank you for the info.

I will have to do a California report soon.


Jul 07, 2017
More places like San Francisco
by: Rob

I totally agree with Jim's report. I live in Arizona and will not even dare try to take a trip to the Phoenix area and am considering not going to Tucson either! Both are becoming quickly bad places filled with gangs and other degenerates. Tucson allowed the "boxes" along their downtown area streets and it looked like a 3rd world shanty town. Very sad especially for a city that wants to be a mecca for tourists. Not like the "good ole daze"! Dreaming of visiting Peru and hope that time will come for me.

Stan's response: Thank you Rob. So sad to hear about one of my favorite states. Arizona was always amazing to me back in the good old 80's and 90's.

Jul 07, 2017
Jim's story
by: Dave

Thanks Jim for the news. It is a shame that both parties are responsible for this. We can't trust either one. They both make up fake news. I pray there are enough of us left to bring our country back to God and whole some values. I don't want what they are selling and I don't want my children to be prisoners in their own skin and our country.

Stan's response: Thanks for your comments Dave. I appreciate and agree with your balanced view that both major political parties are at fault. I don't want to go "all political" in this forum or in my website, but we must identify the "big problems" so that we can each take steps to prepare and protect ourselves.

That said, I believe that "fear" is the most important thing that we all must avoid. Let's be wise and proactive in everything we do.

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