The Moonshaft

by Mike Collins
(Romford, Essex, UK)


Whilst doing some research back in 2001 I came across a very intriguing story about three soldiers hiding from the Germans in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. Whilst hiding out in a cave one of them discovered what could possibly be the oldest man-made structure in the World.

Whilst investigating this story I made contact with an Archeological Geologist based in the US, after reviewing information which I had sent to him, he emailed me with an astounding statement.

He believed the structure was between 300 and 310 million years old! This story was indeed becoming stranger by the hour, I also discovered some otherwise unknown facts.

For instance, it is a matter of record that Heinrich Himmler had sent several scientific expeditions into the Tatra’s looking for a legendary “Moonshaft” and that in the middle to late 70’s after Antonin’s (Tony’s) death, members of his family had been approached by the KGB with a view to obtaining the diary. Neither of these ventures was successful.

In the 60’s a man by the name of Ted Phillips was introduced to Tony and was fascinated by the story, an expedition was put together but was hastily canceled when the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968.

I have Tony’s Diary and am still in contact with Ted Phillips the organizer of the first expedition.

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Jul 30, 2019
moon shaft
by: mark

Thanks for that very interesting. The picture looks quite like the original 1945 hand-drawn picture

Jul 30, 2019
check this article out
by: milo


I have done some investigation around 1998 with Ted Phillips in Tatry region and nearby areas.

Today, some archeological discovery has been announced in Czech tv from this location, maybe it could be related to moonshaft story. Article is in Czech, but google translator might help.

Jan 11, 2019
by: Anonymous - Q

Is there any chance to see diary and those scatches?

Slavs and their culture wanished after 863...
As other civilisations before and after we were pushed towards christianity and romanian Church.

This make sense. Nazis were looking for ancient civilisations as well as russia. First war, than russians invaded our country.. did they found something? For sure...

Sep 07, 2017
do we have any updates on the Moonshaft guys?
by: Tomas

do we have any updates on the Moonshaft guys?

May 23, 2017
I found location on google earth
by: Lukas

Hello everyone, i spent many hours using Outerra or google earth to find any match with drawing picture which is at top of this topic.

And result is.... yes i found very very very simmilar valley.

But i dont understand and i cannot found fact .. It was painted from entrance location or it is painting of valley where that cave is located?????

dont you have any informations ????

contact me at

Thank you so much.


Jan 27, 2017
The Moonshaft - Nice Story
by: Michal

Hi Everybody,

Sorry to disappoint you, but story is probably a fake. I am living in Sambron (village in the story, other village is Jakubany) and we never had a person named Slavek living in either of the villages.

In addition to that, nobody remembers any clashes between German army and partisan groups in that area.

But, it is a very nice story. If you have any more info or just would like to ask more questions please free to contact me on

Stan's response: We greatly appreciate your investigation and reporting on this story Michal!

Jun 04, 2016
Help Offered for the Caves
by: Mark c

I live close to Prague and have climbing and caving experience, I can speak Czech to a degree and would like to offer my services free of charge to help anyone who wants to go and hunt down the caves.
I have found many ww2 cave systems in the Czech polish border area and can offer practical assistance to any team.

E mail me:

Sep 11, 2015
by: Cave Crawler

A little correction: it is near Poland borders, not Hungarian, I allways mislead these two countries:)
... and sorry for my crude English

Sep 11, 2015
Pálenická jaskyňa near Babia Dolina (Belianske Tatry)
by: Cave Crawler

When i was an young boy, i crawled some caves with my uncle - a speleologist (today, he should probably went into jail, if he carried a 10-year old boy in such a dangerous places as caves certainly are - not mentioning those "burrows" adjusted for general public:D, but a really steep and extremely tight corridors and deep shafts). People should wonder, why only around 10-12% of the caves in my country (42 of 7016)is accessible for public, and of those usually only very small portions are truly accessible.

Cave that would certainly interest you is that which we always called simply "Pálenická jaskyňa", we visited twice, approx co-ord. 49°14'51.4"N 20°19'02.6"E (cuz it is more than 15 years I was there (nope GPS at that times:D)).

No, there was not some "moonshaft" described in this topic, but it has very similar features, such as perfectly smooth and glass-like surface, perfectly round tunnels and also a very interesting myth, that under these mountains is entrance to the hidden world, similar to valhalla, agartha, shambala and similar bunkum(about which im very sceptical-yearh, every civ. has invented its own underworld haha), but fact is, that those tunnels according to my uncle extend very far, even further than Hungarian borders (we have never ventured so far in our trips)Area is today known as national part Pálenica, which contains several smaller caves (one of them accessed for public). This part has a high rate of protection, so no one is allowed up there with the exception of natural trails. Strange is, that when I compare gargantuan size of that area... and only 2 public paths at all, like someone is trying to disable access this place (and caves it contains).

Oct 14, 2014
from around the area
by: Tomas

Hello to anybody,

did someone found it? did someone confirmed something at least? are they still digging?
I am from around this area

Hej ty anglicky pisajuci Slovak, presiel viac ako rok... update, pls.

Jun 08, 2013
Moon cave
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone,

I am a Slovakian living near Levoca mountains. My friend spent over 10 years in search of the Moonshaft. He found the coordinates and found the place. The coordinates coincide with a bunker, built there during the war. All the administrative paperwork done, he will try to enter the place this month, weather permitting.

Will keep you posted.


Dec 02, 2012
the rest of the text from the book
by: Wojtek Bobilewicz

We gathered information about the Moon Shaft/Cave from numerous sources. There are relations of the Slovak National Uprising fighters, stories told by Polish "forest people" and WWII conspiracy activists, scientific reports, press releases and our own experiences. There is information collected by Slovak and Czech ufological organisations as well as material that was received by the Centre for the Research of Anomalous Phenomena in Cracow and that came both from Poland and from abroad, and even from behind two oceans. Some of thtat was very interesting, some of that - somewhat less. Some sounded sensational, but after some more thorough investigation we disregarded them as insignificant.

We have not found the Moon Shaft/Cave. We leave it to speleologists and adventure seekers, but of course we will join any sensible initiative and we will support it if its aim will be to find it and research it. It is not going to be easy as tracks and trails criss-cross at least expected times and places. We only managed to check some of them, other are still waiting for verification. We do not promise anything: no sackfuls of gold and precious stones, no incredible, weird stuff. What we do promise is the joy of discovery, the taste of Adventure of the highest rank and the meeting with the unknown past. We have not managed to dot the i's but we are certain of one thing: there is something to it. A lot indicates that the Moon Shaft/Cave is a tangible, real fact and we can only argue what or who is responsible for that fact...

Jordanów-Krasno nad Kysocou, 8 August, 2006
The Authors"

So much for the cover of the book. Interesting?

Best regards


Dec 02, 2012
Thank you!
by: Wojtek Bobilewicz

Thank you, Rob, I am waiting patiently... I apologise for what may on the surface come out as some kind of overt pessimism, but a) it is not really that bad ;-), and b) it is probably my recent financial and work situation that has largely influenced that.

Regarding the Moon Shaft or Moon Cave, there is a book (unfortunately only in Polish) writtren by a Polish researcher Robert Leśniakiewicz and by the Slovak researcher Milos Jesensky, published in 2006 (in Australia, of all the places!) and called "Tajemnica Księżycowej jaskini" which translates int English as The Mystery of the Moon Shaft/Cave". I never really got to translating it into English (in any case I am far better at translating from English into Polish than the other way round), but I can translate here for you the text from the last page of the cover:

"...legendary, half-artificial, half natural geological formation, some 20,000 years old, is located somewhere on the Slovak-Polish border. Known since times immemorial to the local inhabitants, it was discovered in 1944, towards the end of the Slovak National Uprising, by a scholar and a soldier who later , hiding from the Communists, had to escape to France and later tothe United States, where he made his discovery known at the end of the 1960s.

What is the Moon Shaft/Cave? An unusual natural formation? Some remnant of Aliens staying on earth? Or perhaps a remnant of the Atlantean civilisation, or the even older civilisation of Atlantica? Does it exist for real, or is it just an ignis fatuus, attracting all sorts of adventurers? This book is an attempt to answer these and other questions. And it is not an easy task. The book is a synthesis of several hypotheses concerning the dawn of humanity and what happened to it in the times described by Plato and his contemporaries. It is a continuation of the Internet publication called "The Gods of Atomic Wars" (Usti nad Labem, 1998) and another one, published in Poland, and called "Project Tatra" (Cracow, 2002). A lot of space is devoted to relating the history of the search for the Moon Shaft/Cave against the background of some historic and literary events. (the rest in the next comment)

Dec 02, 2012
by: Rob

Hi, My Name is Rob and I am definitely interested in learning more about this discovery. I used to be an archaeologist (specializing in the middle east) but am interested and open-minded enough to entertain other ideas.

Have you read Michael Cremo's research and the recent discoveries of the million year old "map" in Siberia?

You can email me at or on this forum if you're interested in contacting me and sharing info. Regards, Rob

On another note, Hi Wojtek... I have written up another e-mail for you, but finding a computer that isn't going to corrupt my system is difficult as I need to plug in a USB in order to send my reply. This is in relation to the Solomon Islands and an idea on what you could do with Africa and other things. It IS on it's way, and I apologize for taking so long to reply once again.

Jul 25, 2012
Count me in!
by: wojtek Bobilewicz

Dear Stan,

I am not sure where I am going to be (both in terms of location and finances, as well as career) by the time you perhaps mount another expedition there. However, if I AM indeed in Poland by that time, please count me in as an expedition member! Poland, as you probably know, is very close, and part of the Tatra mountains actually lies in the Polish territory. Also, the Polish langage and the Slovak language (as well as the Czech language) are probably most closely resmbling each other, so communication is easy (or at least easier). You know I am always on the lookout for something extraordinary!

Best regards
Warsaw, Poland

Stan's response: Thanks Wojtek!

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