The Location of the Lost City of Z

by Fernanda
(Lisbon, Portugal)


Your site is fantastic! Congratulations!

1 - GEOGLIPHY is a line of investigation based on satellite photos watching and interpretation of the GEOGLIPHS visible all over the surface of the Earth.

2 - When Colonel Fawcett began searching those two ancient cities in Xingu River Valley he came to the right place.

3 - Xingu River Valley is a very "special place". The GEOGLIPHS inscribed all along the river banks show how important this area should have been in antiquity.

4 - After 4 years of research, we could find two spots that can correspond to those two cities he was looking for.

5 - We have amazing images of those two places and would like to share them with you if you are wiling to go THERE.

6 - It is not easy but it is POSSIBLE.

7 - Our Investigation is based on satellite photos and on the original Document 512 (written in Portuguese)

- We belong to History Department of Lisbon Geographical Society (Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa) and would like to show our Project,

Fernanada Durão
Sarah Santiago

Stan's response: Thank you Fernanda and Sarah. This topic is of particular interest to me as I used to live in Northern Mato Grosso in a remote mining camp back in the late 70's and early 80's.

We would love for you to share your images and project with us here in our forum. Please continue to keep in close touch with us about your information.

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Jul 24, 2016
by: Jack

Just one of the things I appreciate about Stan's website. People from all over the world sharing information like this. Many of us are aware of the search for "Z". Please do enlighten us all with your research, and thank you in advance.

Stan's response: Thanks Jack. I just love this kind of information and interaction.

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