The Gold Discovery of a Lifetime

Stan Checking Channel Remnants as Revealed in a Landslide Above

August 10, 2012 - The Gold Discovery of a Lifetime

Shortly after the Cojitambo experience, I received a phone call from a hotel owner where I had been spending some significant time in the jungle. She told me of an interesting gold property that a family was thinking about selling not too far out of town. After hearing the juicy details, I said, "We'll be there tomorrow".

Back we went to an area that was not too far from where we had dug the test holes with the backhoe. We were still in old Logrono territory! I began investigating the general area with a lot more care this time. Since I have substantial experience with ancient river channels, I understood that this particular gigantic channel really needed to be properly traced. It could likely run for many dozens of kilometers. It began appearing that the area where we had dug the test holes and found only tailings, could actually only be the tip of the overall virgin iceberg.

Stan Testing Channel Material in the Landslide Above

After I had been able to establish the direction of origin and flow of the ancient channel, I was able to begin tracing it and testing it at different points along the old river path. What I saw astounded me. I seriously would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Channel Sampling in a Virgin Ravine Down the Side of the Mountain

Ancient Channels Can Be Rich Beyond Belief, Often a Gram to the Pan!

When I decided to get back into the gold mining business again last year, I decided that I wanted to go out with a bang. It took far more work and effort than I had planned, but we finally found something worth working for. Of course, we're still only getting started, but so far, it looks like a good start.

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