The da Vinci Code

This looks like a real-life da Vinci Code puzzle. Could it be that the ancient South Americans had access to even more advanced books, tablets or records from a distant time?


Stan's response: Thanks for your thoughts Brenda. My opinion is that the ancient South Americans had access to some advanced knowledge from somewhere. It could have possibly been a library or an enlightened teacher.

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Oct 01, 2009
The da Vinci Code
by: James

Dan Brown's book is a great piece of FICTION. However, it is filled with all kindas of errors and speculation. I didn't have to do any research to see this. And when I started doing research what I found confirmed all my beliefs. For instance, the Piory of Scion is not an ancient society. I found a very informative article on Wikipedia,

that shows it was founded in 1956 by Pierre Plantard. People have been trying for years to find a "da Vinci Code" in his "Last Supper" painting. The person to Christ's right, left side to the viewer, is "John the Beloved" who also wrote the book of Revelations. According to the Bible, he was one of the youngest, if not the youngest of the disciples. There are some truths in Dan Brown's book, but they are few and far between.

Stan's response: I love well-informed submissions from people who actually investigate things for themselves instead of faithfully accepting whatever the crowd says. Thanks for this James!

May 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

... but they have all the knowledge from Lemuria and much of Atlantis. Why wouldn't they be informed?

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