The Case for Ecuador

by Jim

While looking up information on banking and who controls money I came across and interesting site that proposes Panama as the place to go to.

Personally, I do not see Panama as the place but they brought up points of two places of three that I have considered the land to establish another home.

I was thinking Ecuador, much based on from I have heard on other sites and learned from Stan, Chile and Uruguay.

The article brought up a point about Chile. In the north they do not grow much food-- it is desert up there. In case of problems the Northerners will run to the South!

Uruguay they say has few trees left! Uruguay has created huge pasture lands for cattle. To make the grass grow quicker to feed grazing cattle chemicals have been used and contaminate the soil.

Well, that leaves one left... Ecuador.

I will have to read more here for first hand accounts that are honest and unbiased!

"Finca Bayano" is the site that pointed out the problems with Chile and Uruguay.

Stan's response: Thanks for your comment Jim. In my opinion, choosing a new homeland is an extremely personal experience, and a decision based not completely on statistics. I believe the decision should be based on a wide variety of factors, not the least of which is an internal feeling of peace.

No country is perfect; each has their challenges and flaws. I think you really must roam the countryside a bit to get a good feel for what appeals most to you.

I have lived in a number of countries around the Americas. I must say that I loved each one of them. For some reason, 25 years ago, Ecuador captured my passion. It was a good decision and I have been happy with it ever since.

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Internal feeling of peace!
by: Dani

That is the bottom line. Difficult to explain to someone but you just know it when you're in it.

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