The Big Blockage

by Norm Marsh
(New York)

My biggest blockage to living an adventurous lifestyle is money. I need a steady flow of money coming in that will not only pay the bills, but will be enough to pay off debt.

I'm retired, so if I have a steady flow of cash coming in, I have the time to travel for adventure.

Cheap airfare and places to stay is a must. I'd love to have a connection with some natives in South America who are finding gold to support their families. I'd like to buy the gold at a good price for them and then sell it to refineries here, which would pay me a good price for it.

I metal detect and there are many places around the world I would love to detect. I think most people's biggest problem is lack of money and time.

But if someone had way to make a continuous income, they could quit their Rat Race, 9-5 job and have the time to travel to adventure or fulfill their dreams.

Norm Marsh

Stan's response: Thanks Norm. You are so right about the importance of having a residual income to support your desired lifestyle. We'll be hammering this topic heavily in our new Training System.

The concept of "multiple stream - residual income", is totally fundamental to enjoying the "free and adventurous" lifestyle that we seek.

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May 28, 2010
The Internet
by: Jack

Norm, I feel your pain. All I can say is start investigating internet based businesses. Learn all you can about creating a website, finding a product, or products to sell. And, learn to generate traffic to your website. This is the absolute best way to generate an income that will allow you to follow your dreams.

Watch for Stan's training on the subject.

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