Teaching Seminars to Grubstake Treasure Hunting!

by Bill "Lost Adams"
(Dallesport, WA USA)

Stan, I spent all last summer teaching people to "Read a River", setup and Dredge Placer Gold workshops on the Lewis River at Lewisville Park and, worked with Kevin Hoagland (GPAA) and Steve Lewin (State Claims Director for Oregon & Washington) on the Copper Creek Southwest Washington Edition of "Gold Trails".

I taught a 1 hr class on Whites TDI Pro at the Liberty Washington Gold Show, and the other After Meetings of the Southwest Washington GPAA Meetings.

I 'gained access permission' and led/taught Gold Nugget metal detecting for 4 guys on "Sumpter Dredge Tailings" West of Baker City, Oregon.

At the end of the Summer I Computer Mapped GPS Coordinates for 6 Placer Mining Claims and laid out and Flagged the Side and End lines for Andy Herndon of Liberty, WA of "Mike Corbley's Potato Patch Mine" Fame.

While up in the Swauk Basin last summer I believe I have found the Source for the Potato Patch Gold. I Will have to go back up there next Spring and do the rest of the Ground Pounding and Bushwhacking to confirm my theory. Could be the BIG one???

While up in the Swauk Basin I found a 'Lost', everyone else thought that the Mine was on the North Side of the Creek(private property) and Didn't think to Look on the South Side of the Creek/Canyon, Mining Adit for the Golden Fleece Pocket mine located in the late 1920's early '30s and Produced $30,000 in Pocket Gold. $30,000/$20 = 1500ozs.

In 2012 I found the Briggs Pocket in SW Oregon that had been "Lost" for 110 years, It took me 4 days of Bushwhacking on the Oregon/California Border.

I kept this secret till 2014 when I "Thought" I had Found a Good Young Mining Partner and entrusted him with the Info. We Bushwhacked in a 1 mile trail from the south in California trying to locate the Old Trail from the original Discovery. Because of my 'Trusting Nature' I still haven't been paid for my half 1/2 of the $12,000 we took out of the Specie Gold that Bleed Downhill from the Pocket. I'll be filing legal action now to recover my half or at least the Claim in Question.

I spent the rest of the fall in 2014 searching for the $15,000 Pocket taken out in 1948 by Miles Mitchel East of Canyonville. I didn't find it but think I have solved the Geology and Can locate it in a week of mapping the Geology and the Faults in the area.

Stan's response: Wow Bill, that is quite a resume you have! Thanks for sharing your interesting experiences and background. You are just the type of person we like to have "on board" with us.

We look forward to hearing more of whatever you would care to share with us. Good stuff!

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