Teaching English in Ecuador?

by Ashley Saunders

Hello, I'm seriously thinking about moving to Ecuador, the quality of life and the sheer beauty of the country is enticing. Would it be possible for me teach English there, without qualifications?

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Dec 09, 2014
Bilingual Schools in Ecuador?
by: Erv

We would also be interested. Any idea if there are bilingual schools down there?

Dec 08, 2014
Teaching English in Ecuador
by: Jim

Hi there, I have been thinking the same thing but it is best to ask Stan his opinion about there and another country down there as to teaching.

There is an online e-magazine I read called International Living that talks a lot about that subject and Ecuador.

Cheers, Jim

Stan's response: This sounds like an interesting idea to me. Unfortunately, I don't know much about it. Yes, International Living is a good resource for information on this topic. You might also search or post in the Gringo Tree which is a digital publication based in Cuenca for ex-pats.

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