by Keitth
(NB, Canada)

I recently visited Medellin, Colombia and really liked it. Any suggestions on how a gringo could survive money wise there? Any gold to pan there? Do you actually make any money trading forex? I've seen your daily newsletter on it.

Stan's response: Hi Keith, Those are some pretty good questions. Here are my answers:

1. A gringo can easily survive "money wise" anywhere in the world by having already set up several sources of residual income before traveling. These sources could be things like real estate rentals, internet earnings or market trading systems requiring little or no management.

2. There is a lot of gold to pan in Colombia. Colombia is a very beautiful country. While you must be careful where you go, there are plenty of safe places to do it. I know several gringos who are successfully running dredges in Colombia.

3. Yes, we make money each and every week trading the Forex. My free daily newsletter shows exactly how we do it.

Let me know if you have any more questions Keith.

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May 15, 2011
Are you still working on the gold mine in Ecuador?
by: Anonymous

Are you still working on the gold mine project in Ecuador? I would be interested in a small update as soon as you could. Thank You.

Stan's response: All but one of the original gold miners are still mining gold in the Ecuadorian jungles. Since this is not my own project and since I signed an agreement to not disclose further details after the project was fully subscribed, I am not allowed to say more.

Due to the extreme amount of interest and success with the original project, I have now decided to create my own project which I will be able to more freely document and openly discuss. I am currently working with 2 partners and should have more details within a couple of months or less.

There is currently a gold rush taking place in Ecuador. I visited several sites a couple of weeks ago and saw dozens of excavators at work mining gold. Some of them were even reworking rich tailings piles and are recovering a small fortune.

Interestingly, none of the many alluvial gold mining operations I observed are using modern concentrating equipment. They are all using terribly inefficient Z-plants which only recover about 50% of the gold. One can only imagine how rich these areas are.

May 20, 2010
Thanks Stan.
by: Anonymous

I'll have to check out that area next time I'm down there.

May 13, 2010
Dredging in Colombia.
by: Robert N.

I'm currently planning on retiring in Colombia. My esposa lives in Cali at the moment. I currently do Gold Dredging in Alaska. Would like to learn more about Safe Dredging in Colombia.

I know about the Landmines and such. You have to have a safe plan to be succesful. Any tips/leads would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to any correspondence. Thank You, Robert N.

Stan's response: Good to hear from you Robert. Colombia is such a beautiful and rich country. In my opinion, the best gold fields are in the North-Western part of the country. Four Departments are especially interesting to me. These are: Antioquia, Bolivar, Caldas and Cordoba. My favorite is Antioquia.

There is still much to explore in these Departments. They are each relatively safe, aside from the normal and typical bandidos that any known goldfield in the world has.

The Rio Nechi is a place you should check out there in Antioqui. I have Colombian contacts and friends constantly calling me to go dredge there with them. Maybe one day when I have some free time, I will.

Hopefully, you speak some Spanish. That would be extremely important!

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