Still an Amateur!

by Bob L.
(Ventura County, CA)

Thanks for the opportunity to give my input!

I have been an amateur treasure hunter for over thirty years. My major focus has always been metal detecting. I've made lots of nice little finds but I can't seem to nail down any good size caches.

I live in Southern California so there should be lots of un-found treasures here, considering the history. I have studied all of the treasure stories out there along with the actual history books, newspaper archives etc. But, still no major finds.

I have also done some gold prospecting, but the pickings are pretty slim in my area. What am I missing?

I love getting out in the mountains, deserts and beaches, but I have a hard time justifying it to my wife when I come back empty handed (or almost).

I retired just before the economy crashed, so I could use some extra income. It never fails. When you have the time, you don't have the money, or visa-versa. If I could make a living Treasure Hunting, I would love to travel further and search new areas.

Stan's response: Bob, you have come to right place! We'll be discussing, in depth (fun pun intended), how to find serious treasures with a metal detector.

You are so right about time and money. I have been there, several times.

This new Training System will be all about how to have TIME and MONEY, all at the same time!

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Jan 21, 2011
by: Pat George

Dear Jack,

This is the perfect time to be out in the hills above Randsburg, and all over the hills of the bottom of the Mother Lode country! With all of the rain you guys have had this winter, and the gully-washing that has to have been going on down there, man, I wish I were there to go too! (We're still up to our back side in snow here in ID.)

The best way to get the wife's blessing is to see if you can't get her hooked on it too! I don't even know where I caught gold fever, but once you've got it you're TOAST, man! I have been hoping it would be contagious enough for my wife to get it too, but still waiting.

Good Shooting buddy!


May 28, 2010
The "Big One"
by: Jack

Hi Bob, If I still lived in southern Cal. I would consider making a trip to the Salton Sea area and look for the pearl galleon that fairly reliable history says traveled to the area, became trapped and is now covered by sand. It has been seen over the years.

I would maybe monitor the weather for that area, and go after a windstorm which might uncover it. Do some research on this. It is an interesting story, and if it exists, and if you found it, it would make you real happy.

Stan has information that would definitely help you. I have purchased his materials and they are full of good information I could not find elsewhere.

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