Starting Small with Gold Prospecting in Ecuador

by Henry
(Florida )

My partner and I are coming down this March to look at and dig test holes in 3 sites we are interested in testing to choose a claim. Are backpack style portable power sluices available in Ecuador or should we bring one with us. Please include price considerations as well.

Stan's response: Hi Henry. To be honest, government issued artesanal permissions for gold dredging are a bit difficult to come by in Ecuador right now. Small mining concessions are even more difficult. That said, there are many dozens of illegal gold dredging operations going on and I know where many of them are.

There is currently one dredge manufacturer operating in the country and that is in the Oriente, in the town of Yantsaza. I believe the smallest dredge they make is a 3" and is not a backpacker model.

Also, you can have almost any kind of mining equipment custom made for you (such as high-bankers and small trommels) at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately, I am not able to quote any prices as I have not purchased anything for a number of years.

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Nov 18, 2016
Chinese Mining Freely in Ecuador
by: William Kilgore

Stan, you stated that the Chinese are mining freely. Are they mining legally, and if so, with whose approval. If illegally mining, why can't they be stopped? Thanks Stan

Stan's response: It all depends on your definition of "legally". They are mining with the government "looking the other way" on rules and regulations. China owns Ecuador and plays by a different set of rules.

Nov 18, 2016
China in Ecuador
by: John

Very disturbing that the good people of china are
taking such a strong presence in Ecuador. I fear that with the way they have destroyed their own country, it is a road map for Ecuador.

Who knows what else the may be searching for? Lost knowledge of the ancients maybe picking up where the Germans left off years ago? I love a good conspiracy theory. I guess I have read too many Dirk Pitt books!

Sounds like a good time to brush up on the Chinese language if you plan on prospecting in Ecuador. It would make it easier for the authorities to believe you are legit and leave you alone.

Nov 15, 2016
Mining claims
by: William Kilgore

Stan, Did I understand correctly that finding places to mine legally are hard to find in Ecuador?

If true could you please explain the current problems.

Stan's response: Yes William, the government is making things difficult to mine legally here. Funny thing (not really funny), the Chinese are currently mining freely wherever they like.

I am currently consulting with an American company that is trying to concession 3 areas. I will see what happens into the New Year and keep all of us informed here about any progress, or lack thereof.

Nov 15, 2016
Buying Raw Gold in Ecuador
by: Anonymous

Are the native miners getting a decent price for their gold?

Any opportunity for new buyers to enter the marketplace?

What are the laws concerning that sort of thing? Thanks

Stan's response: You would need to define "Native Miners". There are Native Miners that are close to civilization. They sell their gold for close to spot price.

Then there are "Native Miners" who are very remote. They get about half of spot price for their gold.

If you go remote, you can still buy gold very inexpensively. That said, it is more dangerous to go remote.

All of these transaction are 100% legal here in the country.

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