Sorry that it is off-topic but...

by Wojtek Bobilewicz
(Warsaw, Poland)

...but I know, Stan, that you live in Ecuador.

I have just found out on Facebook that two Polish travellers have become missing in Ecuador:

Julia Mozgawa and Krzysztof Czapla began their journey to South America in 2015. They hitch-hiked. The last time they contacted their parents was on 3 September 2016 from the place called Palestina in Ecuador and they were intending to go to Rioverde. Several days earlier they had stayed with Father Marcelo in Cuenca.

If you know anyone who could help, please kindly do! That's to you, Stan, but also to anyone reading this who at the time was, or who currently is, in Ecuador, and who is reading this.

Many thanks and I really do apologise for spamming, but I hope you will understand that this is a different kind of spam.


Warsaw, Poland

Stan's response: Wojtek, this is not spam. This is part of why we are here... to help and support each other in times of need. I will be back in Cuenca tomorrow night and will try to follow up on this for you.

Please, anyone else who may be able to help investigate this case, PLEASE HELP as soon as possible!

Thank you everyone!

Stan's Follow Up: After investigating this case Wojtek, I discovered that this couple is fine and well... false alarm. They simply failed to remain in contact with the family while traveling in Colombia. I hope that is good news for you.

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