some suggestions for you.

by Tim Voigt
(Grand Canyon, AZ USA)

Dear S. Grist
I want to make suggestions to you.

-Adventure trip idea
Some people like to do all three activities: sea or coast kayak, camp, and metal detect. Try blending all three activities as one.

Around the USA there are many rivers, Great Lakes, and coastlines. Some people buy a kayak and kayak down the Mississippi river, along Atlantic Ocean seaboard, Hawaii, along Alaska coast, down Pacific coast, Columbia River. They kayak and camp out for a summer. Is fun to do.

Also these regions are rich in beaches, sunken ships, lost mines, caches, and much more. Tourists lose much. A person can metal detect and find much valuable for summer. Can pay for summer.

Activities to do while doing this are:
-write book or novel you always wanted to do
-visit all kinds of towns, places, locales
-sample local culture
-be free
-camp out and watch stars
-look for Megalodon teeth
-dive for sunken treasure
Do anything you want.
I call this activity 'kayaktrekking' or 'boatventuring'.

Your name is Stanley Grist. There is a word called 'grist mill'. As a pun found the 'grist mill' where you discuss things. Its all fun, no offense intended.

An obscure island named Mona Island off of Puerto Rico has a curious quality. Rumors abound of sunken wrecks of gold off of it. Could be found if looked for. Please research.

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