Some Suggestions for you Stan

by Tim Voigt

Hello Stan Grist.

My name is Tim Voigt. I try to get into adventurer fun from time to time to make life interesting for me.

You seem like someone who likes the life of it, something like pretending or dreaming of being Indiana Jones all the time.

You cultivate an image of being a disciple of Indiana Jones and your fans pick up on that. Its fun, but don't quit your day job or let it be too serious. It is after all a life of danger and fun, but danger can get to you.

Things related to you include;
The Tomb Raider video game franchise. Your life and this game seem almost the same. Indiana Jones fiction is a good seller.

Why not write books inventing an adventurer like yourself or Jones and market its fiction, could be fun if you have talent.

What do you do with all that gold?

Do your lost cities get studied by pro archaeologists.

Why not write a book discussing the philosophy of adventure.

Have fun. Take care.

Stan's response: Hi Tim. Thanks for your questions and comments. I'll address each one of them in order.

1. Yes, I do think of the fictional character of Indiana Jones sometimes. I find the movie series to be motivating for me. That said, I don't really pretend to be Indiana Jones as I have my own style and way of doing things in the "real world".

2. As far as not quitting my "day job"... Acutually, my day job is adventuring, so I think I'll stick with it for a while longer.

3. Unfortunately, I don't have much time these days to be involved with, or writing any fiction. I always have several projects on the go. Subscribe to my newsletter to learn more about them.

4. I use the gold I find to finance more adventures. I also save a little when there is extra.

5. My lost cities are rarely visited by pro archaeologists. Local archaeologists do not have enough funding to work with me and international archaeologists don't come to Ecuador very often. When they do, they are busy with their own agendas.

That said, I do have clients who pay me to take them to the best sites I have discovered. You should come join me sometime!

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Mar 15, 2017
Quitting the Day Job!
by: Karl

You nailed it, outsiders rarely understand and I've learned to be more guarded with my enthusiasm and in laying out my projects for treasure hunting.

My harshest critics have been family members that think I should grow up or friends and acquaintances that have chosen the sedentary life of drudgery trying to draw me away from a life of adventure into chasing a little white ball around a well manicured lawn with 18 holes drilled in it or into sitting on a couch watching a bunch of steroid jacked up over paid Neanderthals trying to run a piece of pigskin to the other end of a field or drop a round ball into a hoop.

I recently met a small group of serious treasure hunters that are into at my level or more and it is great to be in like company. Iron sharpens iron so they say!

I've been a big Stan fan from the first time I read one of his articles. Indiana Jones was a fictional movie character, the real Stan has blazed his own trails his own way and is pretty much the measuring stick when it comes to adventure and treasure hunting.

Keep breaking the trail ole bean and we'll do our best to keep up! Regards.

Stan's response: You are too kind Karl. Your comments about the outsiders are spot on. Thanks for the great comedy as well...S

Mar 14, 2017
Stepping Out of the City and Into the Outback of Adventure
by: David

Hi All,

Stick with Stan. He is a sensible adventurer.

If you have ever wanted to go adventuring where things you might consider for lunch are returning the favor, common sense and forethought will prevail. I have not been to Ecuador. But I have crawled around in places in the US where a wrong step or decision could find you as a large pile of coyote poop next spring.

I feel more comfortable being followed by coyotes than humans whose intentions I do not know. An old treasure hunter once said, when I described my feelings as a pack of wolves circled a long way off, "Do not worry about the wolves. It is a pack of wild dogs you will need to prepare to defend yourself against. Dogs are used to humans and do not fear them."

I use that friendly advice in many situations when I am out and about by myself. I carry a weapon when I am out. The local authorities may frown on it but the ride back to town in a patrol car would be better, I think, than riding back in a hearse.

Rules were simpler back in the day of Indiana Jones.

There was an old military officer in Africa who when asked about being around all those people bearing arms, said, "He had never been around friendlier people. Everybody realized the consequences of rudeness or violence." (my interpretation not his exact words.)

Be friendly and respectful when out treasure hunting. But, do be watchful. Don't be like me, take some friends with you. Unless you do something downright dumb, all will usually be OK.

Carrying a weapon is up to you. Some authorities get downright ugly about it. If he wears a badge and has a gun pointed at you, be nice.

If you are in Ecuador, do exactly what Stan tells you to do.

May the bottom of your newly dug hole be filled with Au.

Stan's response: Thanks David. Great wisdom from experience, not to mention your common sense...

Mar 14, 2017
"ALL IN" Has its Advantages - Don't Always Play it Safe
by: Anonymous

I would like to add some comments about "Treasure Hunting". The advice, "don't quit your day job", I think misses the whole point of treasure hunting.

Krishna said, "If you're gonna hunt, hunt the White Rhino, the rarest animal in the jungle."

Why did he say that? Because, striving for the "very difficult" is a transformative experience. Jumping in half way is safe, but you never get the full benefit of what treasure hunting offers your soul.

I've been at this 6 years and I would have to say the transformation of my very makeup has been amazing. I relate to the world from a completely different perspective than when I started. I have seen things that no way should be, and I have touched spiritual planes I did not think possible in this life.

When you walk around for days on sites that were inhabited 1,000 years ago, you get imprinted with the energy signature of that place. You touch on understandings that just are very hard to find any other way.

So, my advice is if you're going to treasure hunt, go "all in" if you really want the treasure. Its there all around you. Its just that you cannot see it until you dig up the treasure in your soul.

Stan's response: I totally get what you are saying and I agree with you. However, most "outsiders" would likely not have a clue. Thanks for your message.

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