Small Gold Mining with Local Landowners in Ecuador

by Gregg
(Laurel, MD, USA)

Hi, I have asked several times about the possibility of getting some land owner to be a front man for a small alluvial/river mining operation in Ecuador and no one seems to know.

What I would like to do is go to Ecuador and find a landowner and have him take a license in his name and then we support him and get some very basic equipment there to make the work easier. This is how we do in Sierra Leone and other African countries as foreigners can never own the land but can work on it as supporters with the landowner.

Has anyone on here done that there? I saw one post of 5 years ago or so where one man from Va was there as far as I can tell and he was doing that type of mining it sounded like. (or maybe he was elsewhere as the post did not really say)

I know of the large project Stan has going but it is not for me at this time and I want to start something small and then consider a larger plan. I noticed in one of Stan's books I have that he says you can hire a local for a few dollars to pan gold for you and that is something I want to do but on a bit larger scale. So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know and you can always reach me

Thank you and have a good day and I hope to be down that way at the first of the year.
Gregg Lyell

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