Seeking Philippines Yamashita Treasure Information

by Arbee Burris

I am looking for information on buried Yamashita's gold in the Philippines. Do you know where I can find any genuine treasure map resources?

This is a very interesting topic for me. Got any Info? Thanks

Stan's response: Hi Arbee. Someone in this forum may be able to come up with a clue or two for you. The topic is of great interest to many people.

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by: Anonymous

We found an object form like a turtle rock with no legs only tail and a head. There's a bamboo not a native bamboo its like foreign bamboo. As we excavate the soilat the bottom theres a big rock covering something it cannot be lifted by backhoe. We also find a long cable with c4 on it. The opreration has been stopped for how many years. My lolo give up unti he dies my lolo is a war veteran in ww2 ib the Phillipines. His siblingsdid not continued his excavation until know.

by: Anonymous

Marcos did not dig up all the JIA buried treasures. Infact, i have a friend whom worked in Gen.Tanaka wayback 1997. He said Gen. Tanaka Surrendered in Laguna as an ordinary JIA soldier. He ( my friend ) work for Tanaka as a worker with 500 pesos as a daily salary. They dig a lot of treasures but Japanese did not give him a pair share as they promised to him. More stories from him, but as of now.. We are looking for financier for the digging projects of all the hidden treasures that he know. For those who are interested financier. Kindly email me at

by: AL

SirMam;good evning im Mrs;AL from mindanao i want to know about the diamond symble becouse have one resedent there to present to me info. with one picture. Yes this is true diamond symble inside the water but i dont know about this.if you want to see i send picture to you?

Katana - Yamashita's Treasure
by: Anonymous

May i ask for the serial number of a katana.? the owner was a high ranking officer of the Japanese imperial army... General Matsuka

Yamashita's Treasure
by: rogie

I am very interested about the story of Mr. Grant of Adelaide, South Australia about Yamashita treasure. This is also my interest and I'm sure we can help each other. I hope he will contact me at my phone number +639273908904. Thank you.

Mango tree
by: Anonymous

An old woman told us that theres 2 old santol trees and one old mango tree forming a triangle, but when we dig the mango tree at 6ft we saw japanesse bottle and #8 common nail but we stop digging it. Is there a possibility that theres a treasure in there? And that place is a 100% japanesse camp way back 1940's.

My Own Personal True Story About Me & Roger Roxhas
by: Grant

I have a fantastic story about my involvement with Imelda Marcos, Roger Roxhas Golden Buddha. I spent twenty-years on this and thousands and thousands of dollars.

I have all of the court documents and maps, and know the exact location of where the Buddha was found. I know the true story, not the crap you see on Robert Stack Murders and Unsolved Mysteries.

One of my maps needs to be carefully examined. I need help with all my story and material. My friend in Adelaide x CIA, Walter Turner has died and can no longer help with my help. He and the US government have recovered Millions of gold bars already.

I have gone past the point of being in fear for my life because of the amount of information I have that now has come to a grinding halt. Someone contact me and let's blow the lid off this. You will be stunned when you look into all of this.

THANK YOU. Call me Grant. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. phone 0468481111

gold detector
by: Anonymous

don't waste your time digging for nothing, MAP is definitely u will get white hair before u find on what u r looking for, use proven gold detector but not fake detector..

A Yamashita's Treasure Location in the Philippines
by: Anonymous

My aunt's house on Mango Island is former a japs garrison is it possible that there is a buried treasure there? one time old japs visit there and ask her where he can find three rock triangle and big old tree...

Map of Yamashita's Gold
by: raya

ricardo..confirm if you're location is a treasure area then,the map is also there, including the money in silver coins + 1 bar of Au..this is to finance your activities..Rock in a shape of a hand means "This place is Treasure Area"....goodluck

Yamashita Treasure
by: raya treasure on that spot.Lucky!you're within the area of Japanese Big Volume Treasure Deposit.3 drums means,treasure deposit divided into 3...and you're standing on the main Reference Point.Better gather,clean and study those bottles if you want to pursue finding the treasure.Vital treasure informations are on those bottles.Better yet,if there are broken ceramics,any other antiques like spoon or fork..gather them..

Yamashita Treasure
by: Mon

I saw remain of yamashita treasure under centennial mango tree buried almost 6 feet buried underground 3 drums covered by 5 feet natural soil then 1 feet Charcoal at top portion surrounded by bottle upside down under Mango tree.. somebody took it at night around 12Pm to 4 Am then gone hole remain open where in you can see the mark of three drums rusting where it was file..Good for them.

my point of view
by: Anonymous

my point of view marcos did not deg at all, those days are still not on high technology, maybe YES marcos can deg up all if during this time...theres a lot of technology can locate those treasures. i've been working abroad for all kinds of gold detecto and we know the history of the product on which is very accurate...the company which i work started in 1976 and still growing until these time...we went to many countries for gold detectors exhibition, we meet other brands and we belongs to authorized distributors...

my conclusion for this time in Philippines there are a lots of buried yamashita still on the ground.

Map of Yamashita's Gold in the Philippine Islands
by: ricardo

Is there a map of treasure here in san manuel tarlac?

Yamashita's Gold
by: Anonymous

not all the yamashita gold was already been taken by marcos...old times is not high technology to compare nowadays, difficult to locate the gold with out the detectors, no one has the correct map and signs of yamashita gold proven.

gold still in Philipines
by: Anonymous

Remember, there were 176 locations of gold buried....many are still hidden.

Yamashita's Gold
by: Anonymous

The main caches of gold have most likely been taken. However, smaller sites may be left. But it is very difficult to extract because of the Govt., other treasure seekers, local Filipino people et al. Once it is safely extracted it would need to be re-smelted. So the job is very difficult and dangerous! Good Luck! But it is a fun story to follow!

Yamamoto's Treasure
by: Anonymous

Don't waste your time on this one, Marcos has already dug it up a long time ago.

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