Saturn in the Ancient skies

by Corvus Munnin
(Petaluma California )



I think that the eight pointed star in this case may be a new world version of a similar symbol that appears throughout the ancient world, with slight variations. The symbol is often used to infer royalty, deity, power, preeminence, etc. It is often, if not usually, associated with the sun.

It has been postulated that in ancient times Saturn, rather than the star which today we call The Sun, was the dominant celestial body in our sky, both in the daytime and at night; and that many ancient symbols for and references to "the sun" were actually symbols for and references to Saturn, which is why these depictions do not really fit with the sun as we know it today.

See the book Thunderbolts of the Gods by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

I include links below to a couple of ancient images, from different cultures, which feature an eight rayed sun or star.

"pan-Hellenic" eight rayed star symbol

Ancient Mesopotamian "glyph of the sun god Utu-Shamesh

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Stan's response: Thanks for such an interesting and informative comment Corvus. This is the type of help that we are looking for with this project.

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