Safety in Both Jungle and Urban Jungle

by Jim

Hello Everyone!

I want to ask about safety... in both the field, the jungle, and in the urban jungle.

Just this past weekend in Santa Cruz, CA, I was attacked by some very large thug. He was at least 12 inches taller than me and muscular, yet hard to tell more as he was in all dark clothes and a bit baggy.

I was lucky, my angels must have been with me. I was able to get away and to a populated area yet I wonder if anyone would have helped if that occurred in the populated area.

That gave me a strong taste of reality of what is going on in California, even in the pretty and affluent areas like Santa Cruz; the happiest, and "highest" place in the state.

My question is what do you recommend to keep safe?

Stan you have been around the world a few times and in dangerous places -- esp. the U.S. When you cannot just walk away, run away, or need to defend loved ones what do you recommend we learn, or have in had learn how to use that object???

In the field finding treasures and valuable objects or in a city and having just what we have there are low-lifes that could come around.

Some may settle for valuables and go but there is more and more sick ones out there looking to hurt people.

So, lets go on the assumption of no escape and they want more than material valuables and it is no choice... do or die survival. Would do or have you learned and used to preserve your life in that case?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and recommendations,.


Stan's response: Thanks for this posting Jim. You concerns are very real and well-founded. In fact, these problems are becoming a bigger and growing problem around the world.

Due to your observations and similar comments from many other of our subscribers, I have decided to launch a new website about survival and being prepared for disasters, threats and upcoming events.

The new website will address survival and preparedness in the city, out in the country and also in foreign lands. Our focus will continue to be on explorers, gold prospectors, treasure hunters and adventure travelers.

I will be announcing this new launch in less than 2 weeks from now.

Please stay tuned...

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Feb 05, 2018
Thank you!
by: Jim

Thank you for the advice!

A friend recommended the Zap Cane. It is a cane that has a electric shock to it. Also, he said get police grade mace to carry. He worked for the post office as a manager and was sent into rather dangerous areas at time. He carried those items to stay safe.

Looking forward to Stan's upcoming websites. I think it will be great!

Jan 24, 2018
Carry where and when you can.
by: Anonymous

I carry a .357 J-Frame revolver every where I can. Where I cannot, I have a cane on my person that I train executing strikes and blows with, also train on a heavy bag for striking and kicking. Remember, you're not training to fight in the octagon what you want is to cause the most amount of damage possible as quickly as possible and move away from the conflict as soon as possible.

The ideal scenario is to avoid conflict and confrontation through situational awareness. Get the earbuds out of your ears and your face out of the screen. If you do find yourself involved go full on offensive as defense rarely does anything but delay a determined thug or group of thugs. They have to be put in a position where its just not worth it for them to continue the attack whether you shoot, stab, bludgeon or use fists and feet understand it is life or death and you are fightinf for your life.

I carry a Fishkars 15X camp axe in my vehicle along with a Cold Steel Spetsnaz entrenching tool and I have spent time swinging them and striking blows against objects. You want to develop a system of strikes,jabs and slices you are comfortable delivering against an object in order to cause damage without the shock of hitting something causing you to drop your weapon.

Learn how to look at every object in your immediate environment as a weapon and in tour mind go over how you would employ it. I'll post more later when I can get to my keyboard and am not thumbing my phone's tiny screen. I speak from experience have been both prey and predator and having worked behind secure walls with the worst society has to offer.

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