Rough Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies

by Andi

Hello, I am looking to get into gemstones - not much gold as I did this many years ago.

If you take trips to purchase gemstones from Mogok / Mong Hsu, Colombia, Sri Lanka(Burma), Kashmir, Pakistan or Afghanistan, I would really like to hear from you of your adventure.

Thank You

Stan's response: I would also add Brazil and certain parts of Africa to this list of countries. I used to buy gems in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, bring them back to the States and instantly sell them for multiples of 5 - 10X.

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other gemstones besides Diamonds
by: Anonymous

Hello Stan, Thank You for your information. I was so busy looking into other places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Zambia, Sri Lanka etc., but there is always the risk of being scammed if you send money as I have experienced many times before.
I realized that you got to go personally.

I recently traveled to South America(Guyana) but that was a waste. Promises and games -(got ripped offed there there too). Money is a funny thing and almost everybody wants to separate you from it.

Africa is also another place you have to be very careful. Zimbabwe has nice diamonds but again, getting the right link up there and now the Gov't is auctioning the diamonds in Zimbabwe itself and prohibiting it from leaving so it's just about getting someone who you can deal with take you around etc.

Do you have any idea of the Emerald Market in Brazil -(Town of Campo Formoso)- Brazil in the state of Bahia? I would also like to go there but need some advise on a guide and where to go to get emeralds there. So many things to do.

Also, Colombia was my destination last year but finance, unsurety and the unexpected. I have to do a mini gemologist course and just keep putting it on hold for months....well let's see how things will go in the next few months.

Linkedin Scammer
by: Jim

Hello Andi,

Did you report this event to LinkedIn??

They would certainly want to know and would appreciate being informed of someone of that criminal activity operating on their site.

I know I do not have the expertise to try anything like this.

I have heard about Nigerians and how they are heavily involved in scams and crimes; was warned about them when I was in Thailand on a quick trip.


Visting Ecuador
by: Andi

Hello Stan and Jim, Thank You for your advice.

Stan, I hope when I do decide to visit the Caribbean, I can come there and visit you so we can talk more.

Bad things happened when you do not have the type of experience and knowledge on how to go about doing things. There is always that doubt and confusion about who to trust and who not to, but you still move forward and take that misguided risk.

It was only a year ago (again) I met this person on claiming he has a company and sells diamonds. To make a long, long story I requested he send me samples of diamonds. I sent money to him upfront

He was a recognized person who deals in precious stones and travels internationally as he always calls from all over the world.

I eventually lost my money to him (again) after months with him back and forth really thinking I was going to get the samples. I found out he (his real name is on is linked up with a person from Nigeria and scamming others like what he did to me.

I have recently been to South America but did not find what I was looking for. I left some money there as my time was short. I am waiting on an answer.

It's very hard to get in contact with the right people who will help and not make promises and then scammed you.

In reality, good trustworthy people are hard to come by. Sometimes it takes a while for me to comprehend these people as I am not accustomed with everybody, one after the next, being liars/crooks and thieves.

Being Cautious and Learning about Gemstones
by: Anonymous

You are right Stan. You have to be very careful when dealing with gemstones, etc.

You can be robbed, ripped off (like what happened to me several times) and also hurt and worse.

People who you think you can trust, can set you up. The ones who are taking you to the locations, dealers to buy, etc., can set you up to be robbed by their people or worse, they can hurt you.

It's money you have and they know because you are there to buy. They can sell you fakes e.g sometimes in diamond parcels, 'they' include simulated and synthetic stones to make up the parcels they are selling and the buyers do not test all the time. It's only when the buyers reach their final destination, then they realize they were scammed.

According to Stan, You can read from one or two good books and also on the internet where you can get a wealth of knowledge.

I am gong to take a short course soon just to get more ideas of testing and identifying gemstones. You do not need an expensive course like the (GIA ones) - well not me, right now.

There are cheaper courses available for around
$400.00 - $600.00.

Stan's response: great comments...

by: Anonymous

Stan, You say to add Brazil and Africa to the list. I have already, I just did not mention them.

I was ripped off many times sending money to AFRICA which was stupid of me in the first place. It took awhile for me to recover from this. I would never advise anyone to send money to Africa (Namibia) or anywhere for gemstones, gold etc. You should always be present. I learn that the hard way.

You mentioned Brazil. Is it Pariaba Tourmaline
you purchased that you were talking about?... if you do not mind me asking.

Also, there are Emeralds there, but not as good as Columbia. I am working on different things to get started, but at the same time, trying hard not to get robbed/scammed. People will promise you the world for your money upfront.

Stan's response: First off, please let me be perfectly clear about a couple of things...

1. I would NEVER just send money to anyone for anything, especially when it comes to gems, gold or anything of value! These things must ALWAYS be purchased in person by YOU or an extremely trusted associate.

2. You must first personally know what you are doing when it comes to the authenticity and quality of anything valuable you purchase. If you get scammed, it is TOTALLY your own fault, not the scammer's fault.

3. Parts of Africa are sources of some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. This is a scientific fact. It is also a well-known fact that parts of Africa are most world-famous for elaborate scams. Eyes Wide Open Folks!

In Brazil, many years ago, I purchased a wide variety of gemstones to test the market back home. I discovered over time that there were often trends of what the market wanted and I tried to specialize in those types of gems.

When it comes to emeralds, I have always exclusively dealt with stones from Colombia. That said, emeralds have lost a lot of financial luster over the last decade due to inclusion doctoring and underhanded tricks to enhance the appearance. Emeralds are very risky to deal with.

Last, but not least, dealing with gems or gold, security is a major issue. These are usually cash markets and highly skilled thieves thrive in these environments.

Game of Stones!!
by: Jim

Hello All!

Yes, gems are beautiful and profitable.

There was a reality t.v. show a year or two ago called, "Game of Stones." A play on the title of the popular Game of Thrones t.v. show.

It had several men who traveled the world buying raw stones and then cutting or processing them for resale at tremendous profit.

I do not know how real the show was, but it did bring up some points.

One, you really need to know your gems! There are a lot of fakes, cheats, and pitfalls in the gem market.

Two, there are physical dangers out there getting close to the original source. Closer to the source the lower the price as there are less people in the middle. When a sign says landmine field, believe it. There are critters out in the wild.

Three, you need to have security or be the security when dealing. Those particular guys really got themselves into some very edgy situations with even more edgy people.

Gems are easier to carry than gold.

Stan, how much of a geology background would someone need to be competent at buying and selling gems?


Stan's response: I loved that TV program and saw every episode.

I have a very strong opinion of formal education these days. In my experience, a motivated, self-taught person can learn the equivalent of a 4-year university degree in about 3 - 6 months at home and on the internet.

If I had it to do all over again, I would never attend any university for anything. Sure, if you want to be a lawyer or doctor (or similar), you need to go school. However, most of you would be crazy to want to be a doctor or lawyer at this point in time and history.

I even did the GIA gemologist course. It took many months and thousands of dollars. Instead, I suggest that you read books, study on the internet, interview experts and get some practical experience & some professional equipment.

These are just my own 2-cents from decades of personal experience. I only really started to learn serious science, etc., several years after getting out of college. What a waste of time and money it was in formal schooling! And what they taught me in school turned out to be mostly wrong! New discoveries change the so-called facts nearly every day.

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