Rich Placer Gold Deposit - Very Fine Gold

by Ken Cunningham
(Myrtle Point Oregon)

I have come up on a very large "Sand" Placer Gold Deposit. However, it is Micron Size in every sense of the word. Black and blonde sands are the same size as the gold. I can not determine a proper way to separate the Gold from the inclusions. Classified some @120 mesh. Some gold and material comes through and some lays on top. Tried a "Blue Bowl".(Washes out) I can't seem to capture the gold content separate? This stuff was gold mined in the 1850s/60s.

Stan's response: Hi Ken, if you are planning to gold mine on a small scale, I would try a spiral concentrator wheel and experiment with all 3 settings.

If you are planning to gold mine on a large scale, I would use a gold wash plant with jigs and a large spiral concentrating system such as Oro Industries produces in Northern California.

If those methods don't work well enough and if the material is rich enough, I would try amalgamation or leaching.

If none of that works, I would look for a new deposit with coarser gold!

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Oct 09, 2019
LC-SB32 / Neffco Like Centrifugal Concentrator
by: LNW Engineering

We have had a couple of customers the past couple of weeks calling looking for replacement bowls that would fit there existing Neffco units.

We don't supply replacement bowls specifically for Neffco models, only the entire Concentrator. However, we have had a few customers use our 5-lead bowls to replace their existing Neffco bowls.

One of our customers suggested that we provide that information here since that is how he found us as well. If we can be of help, always feel free to contact us.

LNW Engineering & Mining

Sep 14, 2019
Neffco bowl not spinning
by: Anonymous

Hi, anyone know why the neffco bowl doesn't spin plug the bowl up ,the motor is on but the bowl isnt spinning, trying to see of anyone has had the same problem and looking for a solution

Jul 21, 2019
have a neff bowl
by: lloyd

have bowl used very little good condition $4000 plus ship and handling contact 801 362 5350 slc ut.

Jul 04, 2019
Neffco bowl
by: Murray

I am looking for a neffco bowl for use in a placer operation if anyone has one for sale please contact Murray at

Apr 22, 2018
Neffco Bowls For Sale
by: Lloyd

I have 2 Neffco bowls for sale. They have been used for only a few months. They are like new.
$4,000 If you are interested, please contact:

Apr 16, 2018
Neffco Bowl Wanted
by: Anonymous

If anyone has a neffco bowl that they are interested in selling please email me at


Apr 11, 2018
Neffco Bowl wanted
by: Anonymous For those people that have Neffco bowls for sale. Thank you 👍

Mar 13, 2018
Dayton Neffco Bowl
by: Anthony

Amazing condition. Wanna get rid of it for $4k

Mar 13, 2018
5” Proline Dredge
by: Anthony

Used 5inch Proline Dredge $3k

Mar 11, 2018
neffco bowels
by: Anonymous

make me a reasonable offer

Mar 04, 2018
neffco bowels
by: Anonymous

i have several neffco bowels slightly used for sale. $4,000.00

Feb 13, 2018
Neffco bowl
by: Anonymous

Where are you located
I have neffco bowl

Feb 13, 2018
Neffco Bowl
by: Anonymous

I can get one from USA but price just too ridiculous. Don't quite know what to do but any details from anyone to a good priced unit would be great.

Jan 28, 2018
Concentrator neffco bowl
by: Anonymous

I have a Guy right now that was doing some mining in west Africa that has a neffco bowl for sale

Jan 06, 2018
Neffco Bowl
by: Anonymous

I need a second hand Neffco Bowl

Dec 16, 2017
Neffco Bowl
by: Anonymous

No mate. I haven't found one yet. Do you know of one?

Nov 05, 2017
neff bowel
by: Anonymous

did you find one yet?

Aug 14, 2017
by: Euey Howe

Hi I am chasing a Neffco bowl to be shipped to Australia .Please Larry Neff contact me or anyone who can help me out .Thanks

Jul 13, 2017
I Need a Neffco Gold Concentrating Bowl
by: Anonymous

I'm chasing a Neffco gold concentrating bowl. Does anyone know of one for sale at a good price please?

May 08, 2016
Want to contact you
by: Neffco Mining Gold And Technology

I am Larry of Neffco Mining. I am the builder of the Neffco Centrifuge. We can catch fine gold out of black sand down to 400 mesh. Would like to make a contact with you about your property. You can find my video operation on you tube under Neffco Mining. my email add Ph. 801-828-6147

Dec 31, 2014
My equipment will grab this stuff
by: Micron Gold

Proven on North Saskatchewan River

May 13, 2014
Please send me 4 buckets
by: JR

I would love to run this stuff.

Feb 08, 2013
Recover Fine Gold
by: Anonymous

Try a Neffco concentrator bowl. Handles 2 ton per hour down to 400 mesh+. They come with gas or electric power.

Oct 16, 2012
Similar Fine Gold Situation on Alaska Beach
by: Jason Cunningham

We have big gold bearing black sand deposits on the beach where I'm mining in Alaska, 75% of the material being magnetite.

One of the processes we are using to recover the gold that is free from other metals, is to run it down a big long wide beach box (basically ribbed vinyl matting). There is no miners moss and no riffles, just like in Nome with the exception of our electro-magnet mechanical arm for getting rid of the magnetite fast enough to be able to make a profit.

A further way to increase production of this limitless beach placer is to incorporate a rocking system on the beach box, like a rocker box.

The second system is a tumbler and mercury, which we retort after the gold is amalgamated. We also have platinum group metals in the mix, which along with all the gold, is liberated from the heavy sands after running through a home made ball mill, then again run through the tumbler with mercury. Jason Cunningham

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