Reno, Nevada: Does anyone know how it is there?

by Jim

Hello Adventurers, Traders, Mercenaries, errant Knights,and of course our rogues;

Okay, Phoenix and Tuscon look like they are out of the running for me to run to...

How about Reno, Nevada? How is life there?

Anyone from there or recently felt they had to leave?

Know anyone there that has been providing updates?

I will take a ride there in a few weeks on the weekend. Going to get one of those nice weekend rentals and drive up there. Possibly, I will stay overnight if I can find a cheap enough room on Saturday night.

Friday and Saturday seem to be the expensive nights.

Looking forward to hearing from folks,


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Jul 28, 2017
Some info
by: Jim

Hello All!

Well, I will have to delay my trip to Reno until after the beginning of Sept.

I did chat with a friend who lives there.

She says rents are cheaper than SF Bay area and also Calif. in general. The prices for other things are the abut the same though...

For jobs, she said you can get the same type of work as in the Bay Area but as to the amount or the pay she was not too sure of that.

My research shows they get paid less, have lower rent but the prices for other things are the same as Calif.

The town is not the same as it was 10 years ago. They seem to be moving away from the gambling image and branching out into relaxation, spas, sports: skiing, mountain biking, hiking, etc, entertainment shows and fine dinging.

Fine dining has killed the famous cheap buffets, $8.95 prime rib compete dinner, and other quality inexpensive eats!

To me the death of the quality inexpensive meal is a cultural tragedy.

When I travel up there later on I will give a first hand account to this forum.


Jul 11, 2017
by: Jim


When I take my trip I will then post a report.

If anyone has info or opinions please post!!

Yes, NV has great history.

Jul 11, 2017
by: Rob

Never heard anything bad about Reno although I have not been there. But I have done some adventures in NV and it is a cool state with a lot of mining history (as well as a few "aliens", lol. Have fun and keep us posted. I am looking for different places myself so would be interested.

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