Real Life Head Shrinking in Ecuador (Tsantsa)

by Alaska John
(Quito, Ecuador)



Hello Stan and fellow Adventurers,

I moved to Ecuador 2 years ago and can honestly share that it was one of the best moves of my life. Many things to learn and enjoy here. I love variety and in Ecuador variety is the norm... I love it.

So here is a little excitement that I recently came across... I discovered and purchased an authentic TSANTSA which' for information sake' is a preserved shrunken human head.

The practice of the TSANTSA was practiced by the SHUARAS, indigenous tribe of the Amazon jungle centuries ago. One remarkable part is the authentication documents by Doctor Pedro Porras Garcés, Director and Archeological professor at the Center of Archeological Studies of the University Católica of Quito.

In January 1960, Doctor Pedro Porras certifies that he personally took the TSANTSA to the Smithsonian Institute in the United States for examination and validation. The finding of the Smithsonian is that this TSANTSA is extremely rare and is the preserved head of a man of white skin and the TSANTSA is now 300 or more years old.

The TSANTSA was purchased by a Biologist working with Archeologist Pedro Porras FROM A SHAMAN IN THE TERRITORY OF THE SHUARAS IN THE YEAR 1958.

So Stan and readers who may be able to share input... I would like to sell the TSANTSA to a collector inside Ecuador.

Can anyone help connect me with a valid collector who would likely want to purchase this extremely rare TSANTSA?

My email is as follows:
Hope someone out there can share some input.
Thanks, Alaska John

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May 26, 2014
by: Juan

Greetings, is the photo at the top of the article the head in question that you are trying to sell? if so what is the price?

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