Quito and Galapagos Islands Visit

by Joel Peralez
(Houston, Texas USA)

I visited and lived in both Quito and The Galapagos Islands for about 4 weeks. Quito, the capitol of Ecuador, is a beautiful place and is where the Presidential Palace (the equivalent of The Whitehouse) is located; one can take daily guided tours free of charge on weekdays and all you have to do to take the tour is register with the attendant at the guard house located near the entrance to the Palace. The nights are cold in Quito, but a heater and warm blanket will suit you just fine. I did at first, however, sleep "with one eye open" because my visit to Quito was a few months after the earthquake in early 2016.

I took a flight on Avianca Airlines to the Galapagos Islands and I must say that a visit to this place is worth it. I visited the Charles Darwin Centro Scientifico, traveled to the "highlands" a short taxi trip from the center of town, and saw the giant tortoises in their natural habitat.

Lonesome George is the iconic giant tortoise that died recently and is now emblazoned on t-shirts, souvenirs, etc. There are many islands to visit, so I recommend that you set sufficient time aside - several weeks in my case - to truly explore and enjoy this natural wonder that has so much history.

Sincerely, Joel

Stan's response: Thanks for sharing your visit to Ecuador with us. I completely agree with everything you wrote. Sometimes I forget that I am living in a vacation destination.

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