Prospecting Equipment Sales

by Richard B.
(L.A. California USA)

My bags are full and I still need a few things. Some of the things I don't have and will need... is there an equipment store or somewhere I can get some prospecting equipment, ie. dredge, pans, or anything else I might need? I will spend the first month about 20 minutes north of Otavalo and I am sure anything I need will be in Quito, but can you give me an address? Thanks in advance.

Stan's response: Unfortunately, there are no prospecting equipment stores in Ecuador. There are plenty of camping equipment stores, but they don't sell pans or dredges. All local, Ecuadorian prospectors use the large, round, wooden batea for panning. You'll have to bring whatever you want to use in the field for prospecting.

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Dec 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advise, but the reason I have no more room in my bags is becouse of extras and spares. I have brought enough clothes for 3 days and all the rest is electronics and tools for my adventure.

I only asked about the ability to purchase items because I have never been to Ecuador, but that dose not mean I have not been to third world countries.

I spent a year in South Africa and Botswana, and 10 months in Belize. Hopefully I'll go to Peru after Ecuador.

I also don't like to impose on people that don't know me or impose at all. Information is power.
No offence taken, no offence intended.

Richard B.

Dec 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

It is too bad Richard B. has had no experience in third world countries. He would do well to gather up all he feels he needs and make the connection with you Stan. Then ship to you at some address and retrieve after he arrives. And BTW, he should be sure he has included adequate spare parts and supplies.
Dale Newman
(Philippine Survivor)

Stan's response: Exactly Dale. Looks like you know your stuff well!

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